Spring Beauty Haul (Incl. Yves Rocher, Hema & More)

Naamloos 19

I was doing so well when it came to saving up my money, until I received a message from Yves Rocher that I could receive a €40 worth gift if I’d order anything from them. It was too tempting so I did and today I’m going to show you the damage. If you’re interested, keep on reading.

Naamloos 13

The first two products I got are both lip products. The one on the left is a strawberry lipbalm and the on the right hand side is a Lip Crayon. This one is pretty new and because I love products like that I couldn’t resist buying it. I chose the bright pink version because I though they might be a little sheer and if I get a nude color, it probably won’t show up.

The lipbalm by the way is also new, at least that what it said on the site. There were lots of different versions and it was a hard choice, but I chose the strawberry version because it is slightly tinted, and I really love tinted lipbalms.

The strawberry lipbalm costs €2,95 and the lip crayon €13,90.

Naamloos 14

The next product I got is this really pretty nail polish. It’s from their Summer (I guess LE) range. I realised I didn’t really own any red nail polish like this. Just a basic, simple, not too dark red and this one looked pretty good to me. I’m really excited to try this one out and review it for you guys!

The nail polish costs €5,90.

Naamloos 15

But that wasn’t it for the nail polish part of my order yet. I also got these three super cute small nail polishes. I’ve been wanting to try these for quite a while now, so I decided to go for it. I got three colors. The first one is a very pretty light peach color, followed by a pretty nice but basic pink and lastly a nice dark turquoise color. I really, really love the turquoise one and I feel like the peachy one will be perfect for prom since the color is pretty similar to the color of my dress!

These nail polishes cost €3,30 each.

Naamloos 17

Next up is a skin care product. Micellair waters have been very popular for quite a long time and are still going strong. I personally do love myself some Bioderma, but because it’s not really easy to get your hands on here (if you don’t want to pay way too much for it) I am looking for alternatives. The Garnier one wasn’t really my cup of tea so I decided to try this one. Spoiler alert: I’m really impressed.

The Sebo Végétal Miccelair water costs €7,90.

Naamloos 18

Next up is a shower gel from their new summer LE collection. It’s called Blue Vegetal. I obviously didn’t know what it smells like before I ordered it, but because the packaging is this cute I decided to just roll with it. It’s not that expensive and it looked like a nice shower gel.

The other product in the white bottle is one of the two gifts I got with my order. It’s a perfumed bodymilk. I didn’t really know it existed but it does smell really, really good!

The Showergel costs €3,90 and the Body Milk €19,90.

Naamloos 16

The other gift I got with my order is this eye cream. It’s and anti-wrinkle eye cream. You know you can never be to early with your anti wrinkle stuffs haha. Even though I’m only 17 years old, I am excited to try it out. I’m currently using another one, but when I run out of that one I’ll definitely give this one a go.

The Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream costs €21,50.

Naamloos 12

I also went to the mall last Saturday and I got some stuff there as well. The first product I got there is this Etos Colour Balm. I’m really into these color balm pencil sticks thingies. I really love the way they work. I normally never really use Etos makeup because it’s not really my thing, but I was pretty excited to try this one. And bonus for me: it was on sale for half it’s price.

The Etos Colour Balm costs €4,-.

Naamloos 20

At Etos they also sell this really cute brand called Beauticology. My sister once got me something from that brand for my birthday and I really love it. Their packagings are just adorable. I saw they had this set including 3 (Christmas edition) body creams for 50% off. I had to get it, aren’t they adorable?!

The Beauticology set costs €4,50 (Including the 50% off).

Naamloos 21

And then, to finish it off I also got the Essence Cinderella LE highlighter. I did a review about it quite a while ago already, so if you want to check that out click here. I was so happy they  were still in stock because LE’s like this one are sold out pretty quickly. I was also thinking about getting the blush but because I am actually still trying to save up some money for London I decided to leave that one where it was.

The Essence Cinderella Highlighter costs €3,29.

And that was about it. It’s actually quite a lot, especially for someone who’s saving up haha. Well, I hope you guys liked reading today’s haul and let me know which product you want me to review!


8 thoughts on “Spring Beauty Haul (Incl. Yves Rocher, Hema & More)

  1. Aah leuke beauty aankopen! Yves Rocher vind ik een budget vriendelijk merk dat leuke producten verkoopt! 🙂


  2. Leuke aankoopjes! Het setje van Beauticology ziet er erg schattig uit en wat gaaf dat je Essence Cinderella highlighter hebt kunnen scoren 🙂


  3. Amazing.I love Yves rocher too..I am currently obsessed with collecting all their perfumes and shower creams lol.Please do visit my blog too sometimes, I just started making reviews for YR too.Thank you x


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