Yves Rocher Bleu Vegetal Showergel

Naamloos 25

In my most recent haul I showed you guys I got some products from Yves Rocher. One of those products was a shower gel from their summer limited edition. I really love Yves Rocher’s LE collections, as well as almost any LE collection, so I was very keen to try it out. Today I’ll be reviewing it. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Naamloos 24

Okay let’s be real, the main reason I wanted to try this shower gel is because of its amazingly gorgeous packaging. I mean look at it. It looks so happy and summery and fresh. Even though you can’t smell through your computer screen, I was sure that this shower gel was going to smell very good.

The packaging is blue, just like the shower gel itself and it has a a very summery pattern all over it. The biggest part consists out of water and flowers and there are some butterflies included as well. It’s very pretty. Normally the Yves Rocher packagings aren’t too exciting, but this one is definitely an exception.

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The thing I love about Yves Rocher is that most of their products are very natural. This particular one contains more than 98% ingredients from natural origin, which is very, very good. The bottle is comes in is also recyclable and the shower gel itself is paraben free.

When it comes to the smell Yves Rocher doesn’t give you too much information. All it says is “This shower gel will make you dive into summer with its fine and light texture”. But luckily I’m here to tell you what it really smells like. The shower gel smells very fresh and summery, but at the same time also slightly floral. It’s not your typical floral shower gel, so if you dislike that, you don’t necessarily hate this one, but it does have a floral touch to it. The combination of the fresh water and the floral is what makes it such a special scent. I honestly really love it. I’ve been using it for four days straight now, which is not something I usually do.

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When it comes to moisturising the skin I wouldn’t say this shower gel is outstanding compared to others, but it does what it has to do. It makes you feel clean and fresh and it doesn’t feel drying. After using this my skin feels pretty much normal.

Overall I’m pretty positive about this shower gel. The smell is really nice and the packaging is just adorable. It’s the perfect shower gel for summer. I really recommend it!

The Yves Rocher Bleu Vegetal shower gel is available at the Yves Rocher webshop and store for €3,90 (but it’s on sale for €1,95).

That was it for today’s review. I really hope you liked reading it and let me know which shower gel you love for summer!




13 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Bleu Vegetal Showergel

  1. I saw that on the catalogue of this month..A friend told me it smells nice. But then I went for the Cocoa and Orange shower gel one.You can check my blog for more.I am so happy to finally find someone online here with whom I can discuss and compare my yves rocher buys of the month.keep in touch and do let me know your views x


  2. Aah, zo tof dat je deze reviewt! Ik was aan het twijfelen om die te kopen -natuurlijk ook door de verpakking-, ik schrijf hem op!


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