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Lately lipbalm sticks have been really popular. I am really into these products as well. They are moisturising but colorful and at they are super easy to apply. I therefore love trying out different ones. The one I am reviewing today is one by Etos, a Dutch drugstore. I usually don’t really care about their makeup, but this little balm caught my eye. If you’re interested in finding out whether it’s worth your money or not, keep on reading!

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The Etos Colour Balm obviously comes in a stick. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a lipbalm stick haha. The stick is in the same color as the color of the lipbalm itself. I really like that, because you don’t have to open the product in order to find out which color you’re dealing with. I also really love that the pencil is twistable. I think that if it wasn’t and you had to sharpen it, it would definitely be a mess.

I’m really positive about the overall look of the pencil. The silver gives it that extra luxurious touch. Even though it’s just a drugstore product, I do think it looks really good and pretty professional!

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The collection consisted of about 4 different colors. Some of them were in my opinion hideous or just way too bright for my liking, so I decided to go with this color. It’s a very pretty mauvy pink nude color. The purple tone in it is what makes it such a special color. But even though it’s quite a special color, it’s still super wearable which I love.

The thing I love most about this balm is that it’s so moisturising. Not all balmy products that claim to be moisturising are actually moisturising, but this one definitely is. It has a very pretty glossy finish to it because of that which I really love.

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The pigmentation is also perfect to me. I am a big sheer lip product lover. For those of you who aren’t, I don’t think any of these lipbalm sticks are really up your ally because most of them are like this. It’s a really pretty sheer color. Even though it looked kind of boring in the tube, I feel like on the lips it looks like a very nice and fun color. Very summer proof.

The staying power is comparable to any other lipbalm. It doesn’t stay on your lips for hours, but it does stay on there for quite a long time if you don’t eat or drink anything.

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Overall I think the Etos Colour Balm is a great product. I wouldn’t say it’s the best product I’ve ever tried, but I do really like it. The texture is very nice and it’s super moisturising. Besides that I also love the color. It’s definitely a must have for the summer!

The Etos Colour Balm is available at Etos for €4,-.

And that’s about it for today. Thank you so much for reading my review today, I really appreciate it!


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  1. fab review. Love a lipbalm. love this post would be great if you could check out my latest post too. xxxx


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