May Favorites!

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This is so cliché, but I honestly think this year is passing by so fast. I can remember cycling home in the middle of the night on new years and feeling frozen because of the cold and now it’s almost summer. It’s crazy! But may is over so that means it’s time for another monthly favorites article. I really love doing these! If you’re interested in finding out which products made my heartbeat raise this month, keep on reading!

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Let’s just start off with the product I’m most excited about. I think this is my favorite discovery in like years. Maybe even in the history of my entire life. A while ago I ordered some products from Yves Rocher, including their micellair water for oily skin. I didn’t expect it to be like amazing, but it turned out to be even better than my beloved Bioderma! When I tried Bioderma for the first time I was determined I would never find anything better, but honestly I’m in love with this one. It’s just amazing. I don’t know how else to describe it!

Another favorite is the Yves Rocher Bleu Vegetal shower gel. It’s from their summer limited edition and I just had to try it mainly because of the gorgeous packaging. It’s just so pretty! The scent is also really nice! I really recommend getting it!

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Another product I’ve been loving this month is the St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Lotion. I’ve only fake tanned once before and let me tell you that wasn’t a great experience at all. But because prom is coming up I really wanted to try out a fake tanning lotion so I could give myself a little tan for prom. Luckily this one was nice and actually worked. I really love the difference it made while still being super natural. It wasn’t too obvious in any way. It just looked a lot better!

If you’re struggling with not being able to tan and you do want to be tanned for any reason, I highly recommend this lotion. Mainly because it’s super easy to work with and you can put it on both your body and your skin, so everything completely matches!

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Next up is a tool. I wrote a review on it quite a while ago already and till this day I’m still in love with it. I’m talking about the brushegg. This little brush cleansing tool is just absolutely amazing. I dread washing my brushes and this thingy makes it so much easier and less horrible! It’s also super cheap if you buy it on Ebay.

Another product I’ve been loving is the new Yves Rocher nail polish in the color Tangerine Intense. It’s not normal for me to wear a certain nail polish multiple times a month but this polish has been on my nails for about two weeks! It’s just really pretty and I love the formula a lot.

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In may Essence launched their Cinderella limited edition. The one product from this collection I just really wanted to have is the highlighter and I got it. It’s just a gorgeous budget proof highlighter which gives you the worlds most gorgeous glow. I normally prefer the not too cheap highlighter because I just think they look better, but this one is gorgeous!

The next makeup favorite is the Macely BB Cream. BornPrettyStore send this to me so I could review it for you guys. I didn’t expect to like it this much but I honestly do. I’ve worn it quite a lot this month, which is quite a big deal for me since I’ve been wearing the Maxfactor CC cream non stop for over half a year now!

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My last two favorites are both lip balm sticks. The first one is by Yves Rocher. This one is very pigmented and bright, but still caring for the lips and gorgeous. I’m not that much of a bold lip kind of girl, but I really, really love this one! The other one is by Etos. This is a very pretty pale pink kind of color. It’s a little more glossy and slightly less pigmented than the Yves Rocher one, but it’s still amazing!

That was it for this month guys! I hope you liked reading today’s post and let me know which products you’ve been loving this month!


3 thoughts on “May Favorites!

  1. gave blog! mooie producten, ik ben zelf ook pas begonnen met een blog, ik moet nog heel veel leren en ben bezig mijn blog een beetje bekender te maken.. ik zou het daarom super vinden als je een kijkje neemt en een leuke reactie achterlaat😊❤️❤️


  2. Ik herken dat wat-gaat-het-jaar-snel gevoel maar al te goed. Nieuwjaar staat me nog goed bij! Die brushegg wil ik ook wel.


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