Yves Rocher Nail Polish Tangerine Intense

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Yves Rocher is doing pretty well when it comes to launching new products. Recently they launched a complete new nail polish range. In May they started off with about 4 colors, but I read that this month they will launch 50 more colors from this range. I though they looked very good and decided to order one. If you’re interested in finding out whether this new range is a hit or a miss, keep on reading!

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The nail polish comes in a really pretty packaging. The lid is black with a aubergine sheen to it, which looks super chic to me and glass bottle filled with the nail polish. I love the shape of the nail polish. It’s super efficient storage wise and it looks just really pretty.

The color I chose is called “Tangerine Intense” which is, as I mentioned before, from their summer collection. Tangerine Intense is a very pretty orange toned red color. I really didn’t have anything like this in my collection yet, which is why I chose it.

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The brush this nail polish comes with is different from all other Yves Rocher nail polish brushes, according to Yves Rocher themselves. Luckily for me I also bought three of their normal nail polishes, so I can confirm that this is really true. I really like the brush. It’s a pretty thick brush with a rounded tip, which makes applying the nail polish close to the cuticle really easy. This is also one of the only brushes with a big brush that actually works nice. It’s not way too big like some others are.

The staying power of the nail polish is also pretty impressive. It lasts about 5 to 7 days on my nails, which is pretty exceptional. I was really impressed by that, especially since I didn’t really expect that!

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The nail polish itself is very opaque. After one coat the polish covered up my entire nail. I did apply a second coat because I though that would still make quite a big difference, but to be honest, the difference in intensity between one and two layers was minimal. That’s definitely a first for me!

Overall I can say I am a pretty big fan of this nail polish. When the other colors are available I sure will order way, way more of them. I think that this nail polish is the best one in its price range looking at my nail polish collection. I highly recommend trying it!

The Yves Rocher nail polish in Tangerine Intense is available at their webshop and stores for  €5,90 (on sale for €3,95).

I hope you liked today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried an Yves Rocher nail polish!


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