Lost & Found #2

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It has been quite a while since I did my first lost & found article. For those of you who don’t know, in a lost & found post I show you guys which products I kind of forgot about, but rediscovered. I really like doing posts like this because it reminds me of all the gorgeous products I’ve in my collection. If you’re interested to find out which products I’ve lost & found, keep on reading!

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I’m going to start this post of with my favorite rediscovery; the Garnier Intensive 7 Days body milk. I bought this ages ago and I completely forgot about it. Recently I decided to use it again and I literally just can’t stop using it. I’ve been using it on a almost daily basis now, which is extremely rare for me.

The thing I love about this  body milk is that it’s super thin and it’s quickly absorbed into the skin. But even though it’s thin, it’s still super moisturising. It also smells really nice like mango, which is my favorite fruit on the planet. So this is basically the perfect body milk, and I have no idea why I lost sight of it.

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Onto two other very pretty products, the Essence Stay No Matter What eyeshadow pencils. I love these two so much. They are pigmented, the colors are pretty and they are very easy to use. Besides that they also stay in place all day, it’s not even a lie. I’m really glad I rediscovered these because I feel like I can create such pretty looks using these.

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When it comes to lip products I’m a total disaster. I lost sight of so many of them! The first one is the TBS Lipstick that I got during the January sale. Back then I was really sure that this would be my new favorite everyday lipstick color. I did wear it a lot back then, but after a while I just forgot about it. I’m really glad I rediscovered it again because it’s a really nice and creamy lipstick!

Another lipstick I rediscovered is the Kiko Daring Game lipstick. This was a limited edition from a while back and when I saw it I was sure I needed it. This would be my perfect everyday lipstick. But it wasn’t, because I totally forgot about it. I’m glad I found it again because it’s a super pretty summery color and I still really like the product in general!

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Another lipstick I forgot about is the Rimmel London Kate lipstick. It’s a very pretty nude color that I’ve worn a lot a few years ago. But all of a sudden I just forgot about it. The same thing happened to the E.L.F. lipstick in the color Sociable. It’s super pretty but I just forgot it was there. I don’t even have that many lipsticks and I already forget about so many of them. I wonder how real lipstick addicts do that.

The last lip product is the Kruidvat Intensive Care lipbalm. This was my holy grail lipbalm a few years back and after a while I just forgot it was there. I’m super glad I rediscovered it because it’s the best lipbalm out there for when you have really chapped lips and you want to get rid of the chap-nes as quick as possible. This stuff literally works wonders for me!

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Then I have an old favorite of mine, the 88 warm palette. I think that many of you guys recognize this from a few years ago when the 88 palettes were super popular and everyone had at least one of them. It’s funny how something can be so popular and hyped up at one point and a bit later no one cares about it any more.

I don’t use it a lot for eyeshadow any more, but I do think it’s perfect for when you’re doing someone else’s makeup and you need a nice eyebrow color. Because this palette has such a lot of shadows in there, you’ll probably be able to find the right shade for basically anyone.

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My last rediscovery is the MAC Mineralized Blush in Dainty. I bought this ages ago and I was obviously super excited about it. But when my blush collection started growing, I started to forget about this blush. I have so many other ones that I just prefer over this one. But when I used it yesterday I fell in love again. It’s such a pretty blush, but you just have to put it on in order to see it’s beauty.

That was it for today’s lost & found post. I hope you liked reading it and be sure to let me know which products you have lost & found!

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8 thoughts on “Lost & Found #2

  1. Altijd leuk om mooie producten weer te herontdekken ❤ Vooral je lipsticks vind ik onwijs mooi, die van Kiko is mijn favoriet. De blush van MAC is ook onwijs mooi, die komt op mijn wishlist te staan!


  2. Ik heb niet zoveel spullen qua beauty dat ik dingen ‘ vergeet ‘. Toch leuk dat je zo weer nieuw dingetjes herontdekt.


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