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Skin care is and has always been a struggle for me. My skin is pretty oily and can get super shiny. To cope with that I use skin care products that are mattifying, oil free, etc. But good skin care for oily skin that actually does what it promises is hard to find, so therefore I’d like to share with you my favorite products to hopefully help you out a bit. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Lets start with my number one favorite. It’s a product I’ve only recently discovered. It’s the Yves Rocher Micellair water for oily skin. This stuff is even better than Bioderma. It removes your makeup perfectly, it gets rid of all the oils and dirt on your face and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

I like using this to take my makeup off because I take a shower, but it’s also perfect for cleansing your face in the morning. I’m currently trying to use another product up in the morning, but after that this one will definitely be the one I’m using. I highly, highly recommend it!

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In the shower I love using some tea tree products. I use this daily scrub as well as the cleansing foam. These products are super affordable and work wonders for me. I do have to mention that I have no clue what the actual brand is called and where to get it aside from the Dutch “op=op voordeelshop”, but I think any similar tea tree products will do.

Tea tree is especially perfect for those who struggle with acne prone skin, but also for people with oily skin in general. Because of this product I hardly ever get any pimples, but when I do get one, it will get rid of it within about two to three days.

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For years these two moisturisers have been the only ones out there for me. The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo is really nice for those of you who struggle with oily skin as well as sensitive skin. It’s free from parabens and it’s very gentle. It also smells really good and the consistency is super thin so it’s quickly absorbed.

The other moisturiser I would recommend is the Vichy Normaderm. This one is slightly thicker and does feel a bit heavier on the skin, but if you give it the time to sink in into your skin, it works really well. I love it!

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Lately I’ve been really into the Balea Mattifying Cream. I got this in Germany for only €2 (!!!!!) and it’s amazing. I didn’t really expect a lot from it which is why I only got one jar of it, but it’s more than amazing. I’ve been using the La Roche-Posay and the Vichy one for years and nothing could top them, but this one definitely did.

The Balea Mattifying Cream is a gel based moisturiser and feels really nice and fresh on the skin. It doesn’t leave any oily layer behind on the skin at all and it sinks into the super quickly. I love it! If you do get the chance to buy it, just go for it!

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The last product I really want to share with you is the The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. I bought this for no particular reason, I didn’t even really know what it was, but now it’s a big favorite of mine. I put this on my skin after my moisturiser and before my primer.

If you have struggles with shiny skin this is what you need. Of course I still get oily, but nothing can really stop that, but it does make sure I won’t get oily as quickly. It keeps me matte for almost 8 hours, which is a pretty big deal to me!

That was it for today. I hope this post was helpful to you in any way and let me know which skin care products are your favorites!

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