The Best Nude Eyeshadow Palettes

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My favorite makeup product out there is definitely eyeshadow. I love creating a different look every single day and I love how it can change your entire appearance. My favorite colors when it comes to eyeshadows are nude colors, especially when they come in palettes. So for today I thought it would be fun to show you guys which eyeshadow palettes are my absolute favorites! If you’re interested in finding out, keep on reading!

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Let’s start off with two eyeshadow palettes I’ve never really showed you guys before. The first one isn’t a real palette, more like a duo, but I still felt like it belonged in this post. The duo is from the Inglot Freedom System range. I bought these quite a long time ago when it was still available in the city where I live. These eyeshadows are the best. They are extremely pigmented and pretty big. They’re also not super expensive. For this duo, including the packaging I paid around €20, which is in my opinion not a lot looking at the quality and the size.

Another palette I really like is the TBS Shimmer Cube. These are all really nice and shimmery, so I don’t really use it on its own because that would be a little over the top, but it’s still one of my favorite eyeshadow palettes to use. The colors are really pretty and again you get quite a lot of product.

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Next up is the Pixi eyeshadow palette in the color Plum Quartz. I got this for Christmas and I have loved it ever since. The quality is insanely amazing, the colors are absolutely gorgeous and the packaging is adorable. Even though this is the only Pixi product I own I feel like Pixi is one of my favorite (eyeshadow) brands. I really want to try more products from them!

The Maybelline The Nudes palette is another favorite of mine. It has only been in my collection for a small amount of time, but I’m just really happy with it. I am so glad that Maybelline finally came out with a nice eyeshadow palette. It’s hard to buy eyeshadow palettes with about 12 colors  in drugstores here and now they finally have one. The colors are gorgeous and perfect for basically any type of look and it’s super affordable!

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Then it’s time for the gorgeous Too Faced Natural Eye palette. It was difficult to choose between the Chocolate Bar and this one, but I like this one a little tiny bit better. I just love how natural these eyeshadows are and how perfect. I love literally every single eyeshadow in this palette, which is something pretty rare for me. This palette also never fails on me, whenever I use it my eyeshadow looks just fine without putting too much effort into it, while other palettes require a bit more effort and skills to make it work. If you’re not that good yet when it comes to applying eyeshadow and you do want to invest in a good palette, I highly recommend this one! It does come in a different packaging now though, but I guess it’s pretty much the same!

The very last palette I want to show you guys is the Kiko Daring Game eyeshadow palette. When I saw it for the first time I knew I had to get it, even though I was saving, this just belonged in my collection. I have no regrets, ’cause this palette is absolutely amazing. I honestly think these eyeshadows are the most pigmented and intense eyeshadows I own. If I want a nice, intense and smokey look, this is definitely the palette I’d go for.

That was it for today! I really hope you liked today’s post and let me know which eyeshadow palettes are your favorite!

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