3x Simple Pinterest DIY’s: Tried & Tested

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We all know how it goes, you start looking for cute and simple DIY’s on Pinterest, you recreate them and they fail miserably. I don’t even get how people on Pinterest are actually able to do these things. Because I’m on summer break now and I’m pretty bored I decided to recreate 3 easy Pinterest DIY’s, and today I’m going to show you whether it’s possible to make or not. If you’re interested in finding out, keep on reading!

Before I start I want to let you guys know that I lost the pictures I took while recreating these DIY’s because my laptop crashed. I only have pictures left of the outcome. I’m sorry!


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The first DIY I decided to recreate is almost fail proof. Almost. It’s really simple. You take a picture frame, you put a nice piece of paper in there and you can write on the glass with white board markers. Easy as that. The only thing I didn’t realise is that it is really important to use a picture frame with glass. I had a very cheap one laying around that I didn’t really use so I decided to use that, but instead of glass, the little plate was made of plastic. Then I decided to write on it to try it out. Of course I didn’t just write a letter in the bottom corner, no I just wrote a to-do list on the thing.

When I tried to wipe it off, it didn’t go as smoothly as I expected. Most of the marker came off, but you could still see what I wrote. Then I decided to clean it by using a rough sponge and therefore the shiny plastic plate is now matte (because of the scratches hihi). After that I tried it with a glass picture frame and found out that works way better. It’s super easy to remove with a white board eraser or just your hand. So, it’s a fun DIY, but remember to use a glass picture frame!


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The second DIY I decided to recreate is this really cute and simple DIY by Lauren Conrad. The only thing you need is a mug or a candle holder and a metallic gold marker. Then you draw a nice little heart on the candle or mug and you’re done. According to the DIY you do have to put it in a oven to make sure it stays, but since I used candles instead of a mug I found that unnecessary since I’m not planning on getting these wet or washed or anything like that.

I would say this DIY is pretty fool proof if you’re good at drawing. I used matte glass for this DIY which made it easy for me to outline the heart shape with pencil before I used the marker, but if you use normal glass or a mug that might be harder.  But, I do really like this DIY. Everyone should be able to do it and there are endless possibilities.

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The last DIY is one big fail. It seemed pretty easy and cute, but I feel like my version looks crappy. The idea is that you paint the lid of a jar and you put a little something on top. I first tried it with normal paint which looked awful. Then I decided to use nail polish, which looked better, but still not ideal. I think this would look better if you use something like spray paint. Also the little knob I put on top is ridiculous. I couldn’t really paint the inside so you can definitely tell that it used to be red. I do want to try this again because I do think it could look pretty, but if I do I have to make sure that I use the right supplies.

That was it for today. This post is a little bit different from what I’d usually post, but I hope you still enjoyed reading it. Thanks a lot for reading and let me know if you’ve ever tried one of these DIY’s!

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11 thoughts on “3x Simple Pinterest DIY’s: Tried & Tested

  1. Wat leuk dat je een paar dingen hebt geprobeerd, ik vind die kaarsjes echt leuk 🙂 Ik kan me eigenlijk niet meteen herinneren of ik al eens een pinterest diy heb gedaan, vast wel maar iets met beauty ofzo 🙂


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