How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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I feel like cleaning my makeup brushes is the worst part of doing makeup. I absolutely hate doing it and I’m sure lots of people agree with me on that part. Because I hate is so much I try to make it as easy and quick as possible and today I’m going to show you how I do that. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Let’s start off with discussing what you’ll be needing if you want to wash your brushes like me. The first thing I always do is gather the brushes that I need to clean in one of my brush holders. This makes transporting them a lot easier. I also always use my beloved brushegg. It’s a super amazing tool if you want to speed up your brush cleansing routine.

Lastly I always use the Unicura anti-bacterial handsoap. This one removed bacteria from your hands, but also from your brushes. Besides that it’s also very gentle for your brushes and it smells super nice. I’ve been using this soap for over 3 years now. Before I used baby shampoo, but I feel like this works a lot better!

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Then onto the brush cleansing how to. Before I jump into anything I want to thank my mom for being my hand model for these pictures. Without her it would have been a big, big struggle to take these pictures! 

It’s pretty self explanatory how I clean my brushes looking at the pictures. I start off with making the brush wet. Then I put a little bit of soap on the brushegg and I rub my brush all over it until I think it’s clean. After that I wet it again to remove all of the soap that is in it, and I do the same thing to the brushegg. After that I shape my brush a little using my hands and I put it on a towel to dry. When it comes to cleaning my foundation brushes I do the exact same thing, but I repeat the process twice in order to get every big of dirt out.

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The last little tip I want to tell you is put your brushes with the hairs facing down. I always put them on the edge of the bath, but you could also create a little slope by putting something underneath the towel like a book or something.

I hope this post was helpful to you in any way and let me know what your brush cleansing tips are!

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