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Today I’m going to be doing another TAG. I really like doing TAG’s and I especially like the Low Budget vs. High End tag which has been circling around the internet for a while now. It was originally created by Vera Camilla, a famous Dutch blogger, but I translated the questions to English. If you’re interested in finding out whether I prefer budget or high end products and more, keep on reading!

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1. Do you have more low budget or high end products in your collection?

I think my collection is a mix between budget, high end and mid class products, but I think most products are mid class. With mid class I mean brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, Sleek, Kiko LE’s, etc. (I know that in America Maybelline is budget, but in the Netherlands it’s not that cheap at all).

2. Low budget or high end mascara?

Hmm, I have never really tried a real expensive mascara because mascara is not a product I would spend a lot of money on, but I have also never really used a budget mascara that I thought was amazing, so I have to go with mid class again. I really enjoy Maybelline, L’Oreal and Maxfactor mascara’s.

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3. Low budget or high end foundation?

Well this is going to be boring, but I’ll have to go for mid class again. I love, love, love the Maxfactor CC Cream and the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I have never really tried a super expensive foundation, and I don’t think that will happen any time soon. The thing with low budget foundations is that they never have a matching color for my skin.

4. Low budget or high end eyeshadow palettes?

Definitely high end. Eyeshadow is my favorite makeup product on earth and I would definitely spend a lot of money on that. I love brands like Too Faced and Urban Decay. I feel like their eyeshadows are just a lot better than for example Essence eyeshadows. Of course there are budget palettes that are amazing, but nothing can compete with my beloved Too Faced palettes.

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5. Which product do you always buy from a low budget brand?

Powder. I do think powder is super important considering the fact that my skin would be even more oily without it, but I just can’t spend a lot of money on it because I feel like that’s a waste. I prefer buying just a really affordable loose powder, because those work just fine for me. Despite that I don’t think any powder can keep my skin from getting oily, so why spend a lot of money on it?

6. And which product from a high end brand?

I’d have to go for eyeshadow for this one. I do buy and like lots of low budget eyeshadows, but if I had to choose one product I prefer buying from high end brands it has to be eyeshadow.

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7. Which high end product did you replace by a low budget version?

Moisturising. This isn’t really a makeup product, but it’s the only thing I could think of. I used to use the La Roche-Posay and the Vichy Normaderm moisturiser which are on the more expensive side in my opinion, and I replaced those with an amazing moisturiser by Balea which is super, super affordable!

8. I don’t get why low budget brands don’t have this product..

I feel like no budget brand has a good mascara. I’ve tried a lot of them, but most of them have way too large brushes. The texture of the mascara is just odd and the bristles don’t do anything beneficial for me. Nope, low budget mascara is not my cup of tea.

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9. There is no high end brand that can compete with this low budget product..

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I’m so glad I got my hands on it. It’s one of the most popular concealers ever and it definitely deserves that. I have never, ever used any other concealer that comes even near to the Collection concealer. I absolutely love it.

10. Do you prefer treating yourself with 10 budget products or 1 high end product?

This is a hard one. If I had to choose between buying the Naked Smoky palette or 10 budget products, I’d go for the Naked Smoky palette. But if I had to choose between a MAC blush and 10 budget products I would go for 10 budget products. It just really depends on which high end product.

That was it! I hope you liked reading this tag and if you liked it answer the questions yourself too!

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