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It has already been quite a while since I received this Etos primer and I never really talked about it. That is because I felt like it wasn’t perfect for my skin type. But, last week when I decided I was just not going to use that horrible Catrice primer any more and I had to use another one I decided to give this one another shot. Today I’m going to be reviewing it and I’ll tell you whether I changed my mind about it or not. If you’re interested in finding that out, keep on reading!

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The Etos Skin Smoothing primer comes in a clear bottle with a pump. I really like it does because it’s the most hygienic way to package and use a product. I also like that the pump is easy to use, unlike some others that give you way too much product when you pump only one time.

There are about 4 different versions of this primer. There is one that is green, which cancels out redness, there is a pink one, a white one and this clear one. The clear version is the most basic, it does everything a basic primer does; it evens out the skin tone and fades imperfections. The great thing about it is that that is exactly what it does, it’s not just a random promise.

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I have tried a lot of different primers throughout my life, but not a single one of them really worked for me. The one was too greasy, the other one broke me out, and the other one had a really nasty consistency. I was so extremely happy when I found out this one was not like those others at all. I expected it to make me look and feel greasy, to cause me pimples and look just odd on my skin, but in fact it’s an amazing primer. It does actually keep me pretty matte and it preps my skin perfectly for the makeup that will be on top of it.

The main reason why I like this primer so much is because it really fades the imperfections. I sometimes struggle with blackheads on my nose. This primer will smoothen that area and make the makeup on top of it look really pretty and flawless.

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The consistency of the primer shocked me a bit the first time. The product is pretty thick and you can’t really call it fluid any more. Despite the thickness you do only need a tiny bit of it to cover your entire face since the primer is really blendable. Because of this the primer will last you quite a long time, which is something I really like about it.

Besides that the primer is also perfect for making your makeup long lasting, which is the main reason why we use primers isn’t it? When I put this on my face in the morning my foundation will still be there at night. Even if I had a pretty long and busy day at work for example. That’s pretty impressive.

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Over all I think the Etos Skin Smoothing Primer is a great product. I didn’t expected it to be, which is why I didn’t review it before, but I’m actually impressed. It actually does what it promises to do and it doesn’t break me out whatsoever. I highly recommend giving this primer a go, or one of the other ones they have. They are super affordable and definitely worth the try.

The Etos Skin Smoothing Primer is available at Etos for €5,-.

That was it for today’s review, I hope you liked reading it and let me know which primer you love using the most!

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3 thoughts on “Etos Skin Smoothing Primer

  1. Gaaf zeg! en dat voor die prijs? Ik zocht nog een goede primer om mee te nemen naar Curaçao. Ik ga denk ik dan toch eens bij de Etos langs 🙂


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