How To Easily Improve Your English


Today I wanted to address a topic I wouldn’t normally talk about. But since my blog is in English and I saw that there are quite a lot of people that use translate to read it, I decided I wanted to share some tips on improving your English. I did bilingual education, which is why I speak English the way I do, but throughout the years I’ve realised some things that helped me improve my English skills even more. Today I’m going to share some of them with you. If you’re interested in finding out how you can improve your English skills fast, keep on reading!

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1. Read, read, read.

One very effective way to learn or improve your English is to read something in English. I know it might sound boring to those of you who don’t like reading, but it doesn’t have to be a book. You could read a book if you like, but you can also read English written blogs, news articles, DIY descriptions, whatever you like. As long as you just read something that is written in English without using any form of translator. I do think this is only effective for those of you who already understand English a bit, but if you’re able to read this I’m positive you can.

2. Watch it.

Another way to improve your English is to watch anything in English. This tip has improved my English so much. The English I learned in school is obviously different than the English that is used throughout the world. Besides that it’s also a really fun way to learn English. My favorite way to watch English is by watching Youtube video’s. These could be gaming video’s, beauty video’s, vlogs, sketches, whatever you like. The great thing about Youtube is that there are no subtitles, so you just have to figure it out yourself. Because you can see things this is a much easier way to learn the language than by reading it, because you can link the words you hear to things you see.


3. Write.

The next tip is to write in English. In order to do this you obviously do need to know a bit of grammar and a few words, but it gets better along the way. The reason why writing is so important is because this way you’ll learn to write according to the way it sounds, just like you do in your own language. You don’t think about the grammar rules any more, you just know if it’s correct or not. And of course you will mistakes, I still do too, but it gets better!

4. Speak.

Speaking English is also really important when it comes to improving your English skills. By speaking English you’ll learn about pronunciation and besides that it’s a really easy way to learn it. In class we had to talk English to our teachers. Some didn’t even speak Dutch. Because you were forced to do so, there was no other option than just learn it. I feel like that’s a very effective technique. I do get that some of you might be a little scared to talk English to others because you’re scared of making mistakes. I used to be like that too, but honestly every body makes mistakes. I still pronounce the word lyrics wrong and I did that in front of the whole class. But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it, at least you’re trying, and that’s what matters!

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5. Think in English.

The last tip is try to think in English. I started doing this ever since the first year of high school because most classes were in English. Switching to thinking in English was way easier for me because you don’t have to translate everything you want to say or write. This way you’ll be able to speak much more fluently, which is kind of the goal.

That were all my tips for now! I hope that they are somewhat helpful to you guys and that they might even be able to improve your English skills. Thanks for reading today’s post and let me know what you do in order to improve your English!

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6 thoughts on “How To Easily Improve Your English

  1. Ik heb heel veel series gekeken zonder ondertiteling en dat heeft mij heel erg geholpen. En dat beginplaatje klopt echt enorm, haha!


  2. Wat een tof artikel. Ik ben dol op Engels. Behalve het schrijven probeer ik de andere tips al zoveel mogelijk. Ik WhatsApp ook in het Engels met een Duits meisje. Steek je erg veel van op! Ik denk ook regelmatig in het Engels, soms ga ik dan Engels schrijven
    ipv Nederlands haha. Ik wacht nog op mijn CAE uitslag maar ik vrees het ergste….


  3. Leuke tips! Engelstalige teksten schrijven durf ik niet, daarvoor is mijn Engels niet goed genoeg maar voor de rest begrijp ik alles wel goed en kan ook best goed converseren. Alleen schrijven, maar dat is denk ik ook het moeilijkst 🙂


  4. Handige tips, heb de meeste van deze zelf ook uitgevoerd. Mijn Engels is vooral verbeterd door het kijken van series, maar ik ben ook een echte lezer en de Engelse literatuur spreekt me veel meer aan dan de Nederlandse. Ook het schrijven doe ik regelmatig, doordat ik de verhaaltjes en proza die ik schrijf het liefst in het Engels doe. In Engels klinkt alles gewoon zo veel mooier en ik kan mezelf daarmee veel beter uiten. Betrap mezelf er soms nog wel eens op dat ik wel een woord weet wat ik wil zeggen in het Engels, maar dat ik het Nederlandse woord dan even kwijt ben.


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