Favorite Summer Nail Polishes

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Besides changing up the makeup I wear during the summer time, I also like wearing different nail polishes. While during the colder months I prefer dark red shades on my nails, I prefer fun and bright colors during the summer time. Today I’m going to show you which nail polishes I really love wearing during the summer time. If you’re interested in finding out which ones I’m talking about, you should keep on reading!

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The first color I want to mention is the Nicole by O.P.I nail polish from the Carrie Underwood collection in the color Colour Me Country. This is a really pretty bright pink nail polish. While in the jar it doesn’t look too bright, on the nails it could like almost neon bright. I do like wearing super bright colors like that during the summer time, so the fact that it’s this bright is definitely a plus in this case.

Besides that I also think that pinks are always perfect for summer. I don’t know why, but it’s my go to color this summer, and is has been my go to color for summer for years now.

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Next up is a very pretty orange toned red color by Yves Rocher, which goes by the name Tangerine Intense. This one I fairly new to my collection, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. As I mentioned in the little intro, during the colder months I prefer darker red colors, but during the summer red colors like this one are perfect. The orange tone in it makes it extra summer proof.

Then we have the Herome W.I.C. nail polish in the color Rome. Before I jump into anything I want to mention that the Herome W.I.C. nail polishes are the absolute bomb. They stay on your nails for quite some time and they are super easy to apply because of the amazing brush. The color is also absolutely gorgeous. It’s not as bright as the O.P.I. one, but it’s definitely a summer proof color.

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Next are two polishes by Sally Hansen. The first one is called Sugar Fix. This is a really pretty sky blue color, which is quite popular at the moment. When I bought this I didn’t really expect to love it this much, but the color is absolutely gorgeous. When it’s in direct sunlight it’s really bright. I really enjoy wearing this one.

The pink color is called Shock Wave, this was my first ever Miracle Gel nail polish by Sally Hansen. That particular nail polish was the start of my gel nail polish without the lamp obsession. I really like this color because it’s pink and it’s pretty basic. It has no shimmer in it whatsoever and it’s just really pretty.

By the way, I now notice not a single one of the polishes I’m showing you today have any shimmer in them. I think I’m just really into creamy polishes lately.

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The last color I want to show you is the P2 Volume Gloss nail polish in the color Fresh Sister. This is the most gorgeous turquoise color I’ve ever seen. I really, really love the color. I’ve worn this such a lot in the past couple of months. I also really like it’s glossy finish, it’s really pretty.

And that were all the polishes I wanted to show you guys today. I really hope you liked reading today’s article, and be sure to let me know which nail polishes or color you love wearing on your nails now it’s summer!

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13 thoughts on “Favorite Summer Nail Polishes

  1. I just picked up Sugar Fix yesterday! So excited to try it. I have one other Miracle Gel color and so far I absolutely love them!


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