Favorite Blushes for Summer

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As you probably already knew it’s summer. And when it’s summer, I start changing up the makeup products I use regularly, including the blushes. During the summer time I prefer peachy and shimmery blushes, while during the colder months I’d rather go for a plum color. Today I’m going to show you which blushes I wear most during the summer time. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The first blush is a blush by Sleek in the color Life’s A Peach. I can understand that, looking at this blush, you’ll think I’m insane. Life’s A Peach is a very, very bright peach/orange color. The first time I looked at it I shocked. I wasn’t expecting a color this bright. I thought I’d never wear it. But in fact, Life’s A Peach is a really pretty color. If you apply it with a light hand it’s not too outstanding and it can look really pretty. It’s the perfect summer blush.

The main reason why I like this blush so much is because it can look good on everyone. I’m very pale and it does suit my skin tone, but it would also look stunning on darker skin tones. I love how Sleek really keeps those things in mind while creating their products. I like that!

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My next favorite is a blush by E.L.F. in the shade Glow. Glow is a very pretty rose gold color. It’s kind of Nars Orgasm inspired. To be honest, this is a color I would wear throughout the entire year, but I do gravitate towards it more during the summer time. The main reason why I love wearing this blush so much is because it gives you such a pretty glow. It doesn’t just give you that healthy glow, it’s a lot more special than that. I wouldn’t say it would make you look like you’ve just returned from a vacation in a sunny place because it doesn’t make you look bronze, but somehow I do connect the glow the blush gives with that situation.

Besides that I also really like the quality of the blush. It’s not over pigmented, the shimmer doesn’t look cheap and trashy and the color itself is just really pretty. Besides that it’s also super affordable!

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Next up is my favorite one out of all blushes I have mentioned in this article, it’s the P2 Feel Good Mineral blush. I love this one. The color is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a really pretty coral peach color, which is my favorite color ever when it comes to blush. Even though I love rose gold and plum colored blushes, I’ll always love coral colored blushes a bit better.

The quality of this blush is very nice too. It doesn’t contain super obvious glitters, but it isn’t completely matte as well. It makes your cheeks look healthy without making them super glowy, which is perfect for oily skinned girls like me and it lasts quite a long time. I’m really glad I have this one in my collection!

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The last blush is by MAC. It’s one of their Mineralized Blushes in the color Dainty. The lady at the MAC counter told me this is one of their most popular blushes and that it’s the perfect one to buy if it’s your first MAC blush so I believed her and bought it. I do think she’s absolutely right because this is still, till the day of today one of the prettiest blushes I have. It gives your cheeks that gorgeous -I just returned from the cold- look which I think is really pretty and it looks good with every single eye look I have ever created. Besides that the blush will last all day, which is pretty impressive for a blush.

That was it for today. Those were my favorite blushes to wear during the summer time. I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know which blushes you love wearing most during the summer time!

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4 thoughts on “Favorite Blushes for Summer

  1. Wat een prachtige exemplaren heb je in je stash! Die van ELF heb ik ook, en ik vind de kleur echt verrassend mooi. Dainty van MAC vind ik ook echt een pareltje om te zien, die staat hoog op mijn wishlist ❤


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