Big Beauty Haul (Incl. DM Drogerie, Prijsmepper and more!)

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Oh yeah, I went shopping again. And this time I didn’t hold back. I first went to Prijsmepper, which is an outlet store from the Dutch drugstores Kruidvat and Trekpleister and the perfume store Ici Paris XL. Besides that my mom and I also decided to go to Germany again to do some shopping. As most of you probably know I love shopping in Germany, so I definitely didn’t hold back there either. If you’re interested in finding out what I got, keep on reading!

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The first two things I got are two products from the brand Formula 10.0.6. I haven’t heard that much about this brand, but I have always loved their packagings which is why I really wanted to try some of their products. The first product that I bought is their moisturiser for oily skin. Even though I’m really happy with my current moisturiser, I still wanted to try this one. It’s the Seriously Shine Free moisturiser with aloe vera and bamboo.

The other product I got is one of their face masks. I love face masks but I just don’t use them enough, which is why I decided to buy a new one. Maybe then I would remember to use them more often. This one is their Pores be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask. I love mud masks in general, so I think I’ll like this one too.

The Formula 10.0.6. Seriously Shine Free Moisturiser was €3,-.
The Formula 10.0.6. Pores Be Pure Mud Mask was €4,- (but I only had to pay €2,- because it was buy one get one free and they calculate that as 50% off per mask).

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Next up is a shampoo. I have really annoying hair that gets greasy super quickly. I can’t use silicones in my hair, which is quite a struggle sometimes. While looking through the hair products I came across one from Andrélon which doesn’t have any silicones in it. Because of that I decided to try it. Then I have a body lotion for underneath the shower by Garnier. I have tried a body lotion like this from Nivea before and because I did like that one I decided I wanted to try one by Garnier as well.

Lastly I bought the Freeman Feel Off Cucumber Mask. Cucumber is really nice for oily skin and because Freeman is a pretty amazing brand (according to reviews I have read in the past) I decided to try this one. It’s a pretty big tube and it’s super affordable, so why not just give it a go?

The Andrélon Natuurlijk Pure Shampoo was €1,50.
The Garnier Shower Body Lotion was €2,62.
The Freeman Peel Off Cucumber Mask was €4,- (but I had to pay €2,- because of the buy 1 get 1 free).

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Lastly from Prijsmepper I got a few makeup products. The first product I got is the Gosh Lip Primer. I actually thought it was an eyelid primer, so it was quite a bummer when I found out it wasn’t. The second makeup product I got is a baked eyeshadow by Catrice in a really pretty taupe color. It’s super pigmented and looks really pretty, which is why I wanted to try it. Next to the Catrice eyeshadow is a really pretty Gosh eyeshadow. It’s a very pretty aubergine color, which I think is really pretty.

The last Gosh product I got is a nail polish. This is actually one of the only makeup products I got that it actually still in stores. It’s a super pretty mint color which I’ll definitely review soon! Next up is an eyeshadow duo by Catrice from a very old limited edition. I really loved the colors in it.

The last product I got is the most exciting one in my opinion, it’s the Essence Loose Powder. A while ago I ran out of mine and when I wanted to repurchase it I found out that they weren’t available any more. It’s basically the only powder I have ever tried that managed to keep me oil free throughout the day, so I was extremely, extremely happy when I found this.

All makeup products were €1,- each.

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Then I went to the a drugstore called Trekpleister. I really wanted to go there because there is no Trekpleister where I live and they always have pretty amazing deal. They now had an amazing deal going on; buy 1 nail polish get 1 free on ALL nail polishes from every brand. I saw they had the new NYC gel polishes, so it wasn’t really difficult for me to choose. I bought two of the NYC Gel Gloss polishes. A very pretty pale pink color and a gorgeous berry red shade. I’m really excited to try these out and see whether they actually stay on your nails longer than their regular polishes.

The NYC Gel Gloss Nail Polishes are €2,99 each.

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Let’s start off with the stuff I got in Germany. The first product is a shower gel by the brand Isana, which is a Rossmann only brand. Rossmann is a German drugstore. I’ve never been here before but I really, really liked it there. They had a lot of different scents, but this one is by far my favorite. I really like it.

The Isana Shower gel is available at Rossmann for €0,89.

The other three shower gels are by Balea, which is only available at DM drogerie. The first scent I got is from their summer limited edition, it’s called Paradise Beach and it smells super lovely and summery. I also got the Raspberry & Lemon Grass and the Melon scent. I really like all three of them.

The Balea shower gels are available at Dm Drogerie for €0,55 each.

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Next up are a few skin care products. The first product I got is a Balea face wash. It has really tiny scrub particles in it and it’s for every skin type. This was only €1,65, so it’s definitely worth the try. Besides that I also decided to buy a face wash by Neutrogena. This one is especially for oily skin and seemed really nice. It costed me only €3,95.

Lastly for skin care I bought two backups of my favorite moisturiser. It’s the Beala mattifying cream. It’s the best moisturiser I’ve ever used and it’s only €1,95. That’s just insane.

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Then I got one body lotion from the Cabana Dream summer limited edition. Previous time I already got the shower gel version of it, so when I saw they also had the body lotion now I just had to get it. It was only €1,25. Besides that I also wanted to try one of Balea’s foot creams. I got the mint version. I honestly didn’t like any of the scents, but they do work nicely (I’ve already tried it once). The foot cream costs €1,25.

Lastly I got two Balea roll-on deodorants. I bought one previous time I went to Germany to try it, and because I liked it a lot I decided to buy two more. These deodorants cost €0,55 each.

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Next up are three conditioners. I’m almost out of the Glossy Braun conditioner, so I had two backups because I really like it, and because I liked that version so much I decided to give another version a go too. I chose the Volume conditioner. These conditioners cost €1,45.

I also really wanted to try out the Aussie dry shampoo. I bought a mini size because most dry shampoo’s don’t really work for me so this way I can try it out first and if I like it I can always buy the full size. The mini size costs €1,95.

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Onto the makeup I got. First things first I got an Alverde eyeshadow quad. I’ve been thinking about getting it for ages, so I’m really glad I finally decided to buy it. I chose to buy the version with the rosy colors because that’s my favorite when it comes to eyeshadow.  This eyeshadow quad costed €3,95.

Besides those I also got two backups of my all time favorite P2 Forever Intense Eye Shadow Cream. I think those of you who read my blog frequently know how much I love this stuff and I definitely can’t run out of it so therefore I bought two backups. These cream shadows are €2,95 each.

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Next up is the Manhatten Endless Perfection Makeup. This foundation is really light, light enough for my skin which is why I just had to take it with me. It was pretty affordable, only €6,35, so it’s definitely worth the try. Besides that I also got the Maybelline The Eraser concealer because I’ve heard so much about it. It was €9,25.

At Rossmann I also got a concealer by a brand called Alterra. It reminds me of DM’s Alverde. I got it in the second lightest shade because the lightest shade was almost white. The concealer costed €2,49. The last product I got is the P2 Perfect Face Loose Powder. I love using loose powders so I decided I really wanted to try this one out. It was only €4,65.

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I also bought two blushes. One by Alverde, because I absolutely love their blushes and one by P2. The Alverde blush is really simple and basic, perfect for an everyday look. It costs €2,95.

The P2 one is really special. I really love the look of the packaging and the look of the product itself and I also loved the color. It was really hard to choose between this color and a lighter color, but I ended up buying this one. This LE P2 Blush was €3,75.

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Onto a few lip products. The first one I got in the red packaging is by Maybelline. I’ve never seen this range before and I’ve never heard about it, but it looked really pretty on the swatch so I decided to take it with me. This lipstick costs €4,75. Besides that I also got three lipsticks by P2. The first one is from their Pure Color range. I really like these lipsticks and especially this color so I bought it. It was only 1,95, so definitely worth the try. The two other ones by P2 are pretty new to their collection, which made me extra excited to try them out. I got two colors because I couldn’t decide which one was prettier. These Soft Nude lipsticks are €2,95 each.

Lastly I got a two pack of Labello in the Peach scent. I saw these at Kaufland for only €1,99 and couldn’t leave them behind. It has been such a long time since I last used any Labello lipbalm, so I’m really excited to try these two.

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I also got two nail polishes. The first one is by P2. I got this specific one because a girl from school wore this polish a few times and I really loved it. When I asked her from which brand it was she answered with P2. Therefore I really wanted this specific one. This P2 nail polish costed me €1,75.

Besides that one I also got a limited edition nail polish by Essence. I really liked the look of these limited edition products and this color looked the prettiest to me. This nail polish costs €1,95.

The last product from this picture is the P2 brow pencil. I saw it and I saw it was only €1,95 and then I decided to just get it. I’m really excited to try this one out because it’s super affordable and it looks really good.

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And the very last product from this haul already is the GAP Perfume. I smelled this and I fell in love. The bottle is extremely cute, it’s bright pink and it was really affordable as well. This might even be one of my favorite purchases out of this entire haul. And I’m not going to lie, I bought quite a lot. This perfume costed me only €7,95.

That was it for today’s article. I really hoped you liked this haul and let me know which products you want me to review!

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  1. Wat een hoop spullen! Ik wist niet dat ze bij de prijsmepper zulke goede deals hadden, daar moet ik toch maar eens binnenlopen dan 🙂


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