Formula 10.0.6 Face Mask & Moisturiser

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As I showed you guys in my big beauty haul yesterday, I got two Formula 10.0.6 products. I’ve never tried anything by this brand before. When I came across these two products I decided it was time for me to change that. I bought the Seriously Shine Free moisturiser and the Pores Be Pure mud mask. If you’re interested in finding out whether these products are as amazing as the packagings they come in, keep on reading!

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Let’s start off with the product I am most excited about, the Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil-Free Moisturiser with aloe vera and bamboo. It comes in a really big white tube. The tube is made of this kind of rubbery plastic. I really like the feeling of it. The reason why I like the packaging so much is because of the text on the front. I really like the way they did that. It looks very clean but still fun to me. The tube is pretty big, it contains 75 ml of product which is quite a lot compared to the other moisturisers I own, which only contain 40 to 50 ml of product.

This Seriously Shine Free moisturiser promises to give a matte finish and to keep your skin smooth and shine free all day. It softens your skin and it absorbs excess oil. It also ensures clog free pores. That’s a quite a promise. I usually don’t really believe in these kinds of promises, since I have used way too many moisturisers promising the same thing to know that it never actually does that. But hopefully this one is an exception.

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The product itself is super thin. The first thing I noticed is that you have to shake the tube before trying to get the product out, because if you don’t the only thing that will come out of the tube is water. If you do shake it before use, a pretty thin watery gel based product comes out. The product is very thin and therefore you’ll only need a little bit to cover your entire face. I think that’s an amazing feature because this way the tube will last you extremely long. Another reason why I like the thin texture is because it’s super quickly absorbed into the skin and it doesn’t leave a greasy layer on top of your skin.

When it comes to absorbing the excess oil on your skin I’m actually surprisingly positive. It actually does absorb excess oil. Normally I would first cleanse my skin before applying any moisturiser, but just because I wanted to try whether it would really absorb the excess oil I decided to use this without cleansing my skin beforehand on a bad oily skin day and it actually worked. My skin felt super soft afterwards and there was not a single bit of excess oil left. I’m impressed.

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When it comes to keeping my skin matte throughout the day I’m not that positive. It doesn’t make it any worse than it already is, but it doesn’t help either. I haven’t noticed any kind of impressive changes after I started using this and when I didn’t use it for a day.

So over all I think the Seriously Shine Free moisturiser is a pretty good moisturiser, but it’s not outstanding. It’s not a life changing product for my oily skin, but it’s not bad either. I like the fact that it actually succeeded in absorbing all of the excess oil on my skin, but I dislike the fact that it’s not capable of keeping me matte throughout the day. But because no moisturiser has ever succeeded in keeping me matte, I don’t mind.

The Formula 10.0.6 Seriously Shine Free moisturiser is available at the drugstore for €7,99.

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Next up is the Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask. This mask comes in a pink tube made out of the same material as the tube of the moisturiser, and it contains 100 ml of product. I don’t really think I need to go in too much detail when it comes to the packaging, because it’s pretty similar to the moisturiser, but I do really like it. The only difference between this packaging and the packaging of the moisturiser is that this one has a different opening, but that’s not really a big deal.

This mask promises to refresh the skin, to work on clogged pores, to eliminate impurities and to clarify the skin. It sounds great, but to be honest I’m kind of sceptical about it.

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The product is grey and muddy, which is not a surprise since we’re dealing with a mud mask here. I do really like mud masks. I feel like they work really well and they feel really nice on the skin. When I decided to apply this to my skin I quickly noticed something odd. It started to tingle and my skin started to feel warmer. When I decided to read the text on the back of the tube I found out that the tingling and heating sensation are normal and nothing to worry about.

After 10 minutes I decided to hop into the shower and take it off. Sometimes it can be quite a struggle removing a face mask, but this one was pretty easy to remove. After removing it my skin felt super clean, soft and silky. My skin felt a lot smoother than before. I honestly feel like the promises Formula 10.0.6 made are actually true.

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Over all I think the Pores By Pure mask by Formula 10.0.6 is quite a good one. I didn’t expect it to work this well. It made my skin feel super soft and I honestly feel like it does what it promises. The very best thing about it is that the softness lasts for more than only a few hours.

The Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mud Mask is available at the drugstore for €7,99.

Over all the Formula 10.0.6 products really impressed me. They turned out to be better than I expected them to be, which is always a good thing. The moisturiser is not life changing, but it’s nice and the mud mask will definitely become a favorite.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have ever tried any Formula 10.0.6 product!

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  1. Oooo! I’ll definitely be checking out these products especially considering how affordable they are! I’ve only tried one product from Formula 10.0.6 The Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask and I loooove it 🙂


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