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Today it’s time for another mascara review. Lately I’ve been struggling a lot with smudging mascara’s, so I’m desperately looking for one that will in fact stay on my eyes. You might think “girl, just use a waterproof one”, but no, that doesn’t solve the problem. Waterproof mascara’s smudge equally as bad as non-waterproof ones. Today I’m going to be reviewing the L’Oreal Lash Architect mascara. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The mascara comes in a long silver/greyish tube. It has a pretty unique shape. I do like the shape and the look of it and it’s easy to use, which is the most important feature when it comes to packagings in my opinion. The letters on the front are printed in shiny silver letters. This gives it a somewhat more luxurious look. I don’t think it’s the prettiest mascara packaging I’ve ever seen, but if it’s easy to use, I’m pretty much fine.

The L’Oreal Lash Architect mascara promises to add volume to your lashes, to lengthen them, to curl them and to give them texture. The first three things are pretty basic when it comes to mascara, but the texture thing is kind of new to me. I don’t really know what kind of texture they are talking about, and I don’t even know if that’s like possible.

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The brush that comes with it is pretty basic as well. The bristles are made out of hairs and there are quite a lot of them. I personally prefer those I guess silicone or plastic brushes, but that’s just a personal thing. I do like that the brush isn’t super gigantic. This way it’s easy to work with and you won’t mess up as easily as you would with a huge brush. The thing I dislike about brushes like this one that I don’t feel like they really separate my lashes like the silicone/plastic ones do. You have to be a lot more careful with these ones. I do have to say that this particular brush isn’t as bad as a lot of other ones, but it’s just not my fave.

When it comes to the way the mascara works I’m quite positive. I do like the effect it gives. My lashes are nice and black, it doesn’t take a lot of coats to get the effect I wish to have and I like the amount of volume. The only thing I really, really dislike about it is that it smudges like crazy on me. When I used this about half a year ago I had no problems with it smudging, but when I used it the other day I had panda eyes within an hour. I do have to say that I struggle with that problem a lot lately, but with this mascara I feel like it’s worse compared to others. But because I didn’t struggle with it a while ago, I think it’s just me.

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Despite the smudging, the mascara does look good during the day. Some mascaras tend to loose it’s intensity during the day, but this one stays the same throughout the entire day, which is a big plus. It’s also easy to remove which I like as well and it doesn’t smudge on that area beneath your eyebrow. I don’t know if that’s just me again, but that happens to me pretty frequently, but luckily this mascara is an exception to that.

Over all I do think I like this mascara. Back when I first got it I used it every single day. The only problem nowadays is that it just smudges like crazy on me, but when I find a solution to that problem I’m pretty sure I’ll continue using this mascara because I do think it’s a good one.

The L’Oreal Lash Architect Mascara is available at the drugstore for €8,25.

That was it for today’s review. I really hope you liked reading it and let me know which mascara is your favorite and if you know a solution to my smudging problem.

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8 thoughts on “L’Oreal Lash Architect Mascara

  1. That is sad it did not work out. Have you tried the Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes Mascara? It is a drier formula and doesn’t give me panda eyes. I don’t know if they have it where you are. Do they sell Tarte there?


    • I don’t think Tarte is available here, sadly. But if I ever find myself at a place where they do sell it I’ll definitely check out that mascara! I’ve heard lots of good things about it!

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  2. Ik heb die echt tijden gebruikt, maar ik ben nu overgestapt op False Lash Effect van Max Factor en die vind ik veel fijner 🙂


  3. Van het smudgen heb ik ook altijd veel last bij mascara’s. Ik draag contact lenzen en raak daardoor blijkbaar vaak mijn ogen aan, waardoor de donkere kleur snel stempelt onder mijn ogen. Een mascara waarbij dit niet gebeurd heb ik nog niet gevonden.

    Ik ben wel heel benieuwd of zo’n waterproof mascara topcoat (van bijv. E.L.F. of Catrice dat zou kunnen verminderen)! Heb jij daar ervaring mee?


    • Ik heb zelf ook lenzen, dat kan misschien wel een oorzaak zijn ja. Ik heb zelf geen ervaring met dat soort producten maar ik ga er snel eens een testen. Hopelijk is dat het wondermiddel want ik word er echt gek van. Ik kan gewoon geen mascara meer op mijn onderwimpers doen zonder binnen 2 seconde een panda te worden haha.


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