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Recently I discovered a new nail polish range by NYC. It’s called the NYC Gel Gloss Nail Polish. Gel nail polishes are super popular at the moment, especially those that don’t require an UV-lamp. I really like this trend and therefore decided I wanted to try these polishes. I saw they were buy one, get one free and decided to buy two for a review. If you’re interested in finding out whether this range is worth your money or not, keep on reading!

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The first polish I bought is this very pretty red one. It goes by the name “Haute Couture”. Haute Couture is a really pretty slightly bright berry red color. Normally I feel like berry red colors are more appropriate for fall and winter time, but because this one has a bit of brightness in it, I felt like it could definitely be worn during the summer time as well.

The difference between gel like nail polishes and regular nail polishes is that gel nail polish don’t chip as quickly. Besides that they also tend to be a bit glossier. Those features sound amazing, but are not always true when it comes to gel nail polishes without UV-lights. I have to be honest and tell you guys I’m not really impressed. NYC promises that these nail polishes stay on your nails for up to 10 days, which is in my opinion a lie. I applied it on a Thursday and that Saturday I already saw some small chips. I’m not trying to whine or anything, but that’s definitely not 10 days. Not even close.

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When it comes to the coverage I am positive. The nail polish covered within two layers and is really intense. The glossy finish is definitely true. I really like that about it. I also feel like it didn’t need that much time to dry. I wouldn’t say it’s a quick dry nail polish, but it didn’t take forever like some nail polishes do, which is definitely a good thing.

Besides that I also think it was really easy to apply this polish. The brush was rounded at the end and had the perfect size. The application process was really quick and fool proof. I think that those of you who struggle with applying your nail polish neatly definitely benefit from this feature. Even applying the nail polish using my left hand went pretty well, which is pretty rare.

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The other color I got is called “Astoria Allure”. It’s a gorgeous icy baby pink color. I don’t have anything like this in my entire nail polish collection. So besides it being a pretty color, it’s also a really unique color to me. I really like how light it is. This makes it perfect for both summer and winter time. It’s also pretty settle, so perfect for those occasions where you have to look a little more neat and sophisticated.

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The color looks absolutely gorgeous on my nails in my opinion. It’s a very pretty light milkshake pink and I love it. The only thing I don’t really love about it is that I’m not that impressed by the coverage. I applied three coats of polish to get the effect shown on the picture. After two coats it looks fine, but you can still see through it a little. I feel like the third coat isn’t really necessary but if you want that perfect coverage you do need it.

Over all I think these NYC Gel Gloss polishes are great when it comes to the colors, the finish and the fact that they dry super quickly, but they’re not outstanding. The staying power didn’t impress me a bit and I dislike the fact that you need three coats to get that perfect full coverage. But over all I do think they are worth your money.

The NYC Gel Gloss Nail Polishes are available at the drugstore for €2,99 each.

That was it for today. I hope you liked today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried any of the NYC Gel Gloss polishes!

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