Favorite Mid class Products


A while ago when I did the low budget vs. high end tag I realised that most of the products in my collection aren’t really low budget, but also not high end. They were something in the middle. I’m talking about brands like Bourjois, Maxfactor and Maybelline. Brands with prices around the €10-15 Euro mark. When I realised that I came up with the idea to show you guys my favorite products from that range, a.k.a. my favorite mid class products. If you’re interested in finding out which mid class products I love, keep on reading!


The first product is the Pixi Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette. I got this for Christmas and ever since than I’m in love. It’s my first and only Pixi product, but I feel like Pixi is just an amazing brand. I really love the packaging and the over all look of the product, but the quality is also amazing. Besides that I think the different colors in this palette are just absolutely gorgeous and perfect for lots of different occasions.

Next is the Maybelline Color Tattoo. Because of this little one I started getting into using cream shadow underneath my eyeshadow, which opened up a whole new world for me. It makes my eyeshadow pop a lot more and it makes it so much more intense. Besides that it lasts all day, so when I use this I don’t have to worry about my eyeshadow all day, which is amazing.


Next up is the Maxfactor Color Intensifying Lipbalm. The reviews I read about this weren’t super positive, but because I’m a huge tinted lipbalm lover I had to buy it and give it a go. And I’m so glad I did because it ended up being one of my all time favorite lip products. It smells super good, it’s moisturising, the color is gorgeous and it makes me look a lot more healthy. I really, really love this product!

Another lip product I love is the Bourjois Sheer Edition lipstick. This is such an amazing lipstick. It’s sheer so it gives me the opportunity to wear bright colors without it looking extreme and the finish is really pretty and glossy. Besides that it also feels pretty nice on the lips and it does last quite a while. Even when the biggest part has already disappeared, there is still this little bit left that gives your lips just that little extra bit of color.


Onto my favorite mascara, the Maxfactor Clump Defy mascara in waterproof. The effect isn’t super mind blowing, but it’s nice. It separates the lashes, it gives them that extra bit of glamour and it makes them look good all day. I just really like the way this one works.

Another product I really enjoy using is the Gosh eyebrow gel. I didn’t expect myself to love an eyebrow gel that much but I do. One day I decided not to use it and use another one instead, that was the day I found out I couldn’t live without this. This keeps my brows in place so much better than any other brow gel. I just need it in my life.



The last product is a rather obvious one. I think most of you guys already know I love this, but I still felt like I needed to include it in this post since it’s just an all time favorite of mine. This is already my third tube of the Maxfactor CC cream and I recently bought two backups because I just can’t get enough of it. I’ve tried other foundations in the meantime, but nothing comes close to this baby. It’s just perfection!

That was it already. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article and let me know which mid class products you love!

Naamloos 8

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