P2 Soft Nude Lipsticks

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My favorite budget brand ever is and will always be P2. I absolutely love their products. I’ve honestly never even used something I didn’t like. When I went shopping at DM a while ago and I was looking at all P2 products I noticed they had a new lipstick range called “Soft Nude Lipsticks”. They looked really good to me so I decided to buy two to test them. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not this new lipstick range is as amazing as all of the other P2 products or not, keep on reading!

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The first color I got is called “Soft Peach”. Soft Peach is a very unique color in my opinion. Of course it has some kind of peach in it, but it also has a bit or red and a hint of pink in it. It’s a combination of peach, red and pink. I think that makes it really unique. The lipstick comes in a almost clear packaging. The not clear part matches the color of the lipstick. I really like that about it. The rest of the packaging is clear.

Another thing I like about it is that the lipsticks aren’t as wide as the normal P2 lipsticks. The normal ones take in so much space compared to these ones. They are a lot wider. I personally think this looks a lot better too.

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The thing that made me want to buy these lipsticks is the fact that the texture is really nice. It’s pretty creamy, but not too creamy. I will stay in place, but it won’t feel dry. I honestly did expect them to be dry. For some reason they look really dry to me, but luckily they are not.

Another thing about these lipsticks that surprised me was the fact that they are extremely pigmented. Because they are called “Soft Nude Lipstick” I expected the colors to be a little bit more sheer and wearable, which is what I like. But when I swatched them I found out these lipsticks are nothing like that at all. They are more pigmented that most of the lipsticks I own. Even though I prefer sheer lipsticks, I do like the fact that they are this pigmented. I do think that they shouldn’t have called them soft nude though, because that’s definitely not what these are.

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The other color I bought is called “Soft Apricot”. It’s a very pretty nude pink color. It’s basic but it could be the perfect nude color. Sadly that’s not what it turned out to be for me. For some reason this color looks a little odd on me. I can’t really place it. It’s not horrible, but it’s not really pretty too. I think that’s because of the finish or the fact that it might be a little too orangy or too pale for me, but it just doesn’t suit me very well.

But when it comes to the quality, this lipstick is just as amazing as the other color is. It’s pigmented, it’s creamy and it’s really easy to apply because of the shape. Quality wise these lipsticks are pretty much amazing!


As you can tell from the swatches the colors are pretty pigmented. I personally prefer the look of the brighter color, but I do think the nude color could be really pretty too, just not on me. As I mentioned before the shape of the lipstick makes it really easy to apply it. I think in general P2 rocks at making their lipsticks super easy to apply. That’s a really big plus, especially when you’re not that good at applying lipstick like me. You don’t want to mess up with bright or dark colors, so it’s kind of essential that lipsticks are easy to apply in my case.

When it comes to the staying power I’m positive too. The colors last quite a while on the lips. They won’t survive a meal, but if you’re not eating they will stay on your lips for about 2 to 3 hours which I think is decent.

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Over all I do think the P2 Soft Nude lipsticks are great products. They are surprisingly pigmented and the texture is really nice and creamy. And because of the creaminess they are actually pretty comfortable to wear. I really like these two lipsticks, and if they have another pretty color I’ll definitely get that when I go shopping in Germany again!

The P2 Soft Nudes Lipsticks are available at the DM Drogerie for €2,95.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you liked reading it and let me know if you’re familiar with this brand!

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