Alverde Powder Blush Pretty Terra

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Alverde is one of my favorite all natural brands. I especially love their blushes. Last time I went shopping in Germany I decided to take another one of the Alverde blushes with me, this time in the shade Pretty Terra. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to like it color wise, but because I love the quality of the Alverde blushes so much I decided to buy it anyway. If you’re interested in finding out whether this blush is a hit or a miss for me, keep on reading!

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The Alverde Powder Blush in Pretty Terra comes in the exact same packaging as the other two Alverde blushes I own. The biggest part of the packaging is green and the circle in the middle is clear. The blush itself has a really pretty floral pattern on it too, which is something I really like about it. The thing that makes these Alverde blushes so special is the fact that they are free from perfume and pretty much every other bad ingredient.

The color Pretty Terra is not a color I would usually go for. It’s a matte rosy brown color. The warmth in it I like, but I’m not that sure about the brown tone in it. But when I first applied it, it turned out to be a really pretty warm but neutral color. If you’re not that into makeup you probably won’t see that I’m wearing blush. That’s not because it’s not pigmented enough or anything like that, it’s because it’s such a natural color.

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The texture of the blush is really nice. It’s not powerdy at all and it doesn’t look powerdy on the skin too. It’s not glowy or dewy in any way, and I like that about it. I love how natural it is. I think this blush would be perfect for those “no makeup makeup looks”. It’s also perfect for the girls out there that struggle with oily skin and don’t want to accentuate that by using super glowy and dewy products.

Something about this blush that really impressed me was the staying power. It literally stayed all day. It didn’t go anywhere. That’s really impressive for such an affordable product, especially when it’s an affordable blush. Usually blush is the product that disappears the quickest, but in this case that’s not true at all.

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The pigmentation of Alverde blushes is always on point. They might even be a little bit too pigmented. You have to apply this with a really light hand or using a stippling brush in order to get a natural effect. If not you could end up looking like a doll, which I personally don’t really like.

I’m really glad I got this blush. I think it’s just as good as the other ones I have, which I was hoping. The pigmentation is great, the color is great and the staying power is amazing. I really love how natural this blush is and how unique this color is. I’ve never seen it anywhere else! I highly recommend the Alverde blushes if you’re looking for a good but affordable blush!

The Alverde Power Blush in Pretty Terra is available at Dm Drogerie for €2,95.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried an Alverde blush!

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6 thoughts on “Alverde Powder Blush Pretty Terra

  1. Ik vind het vaak moeilijk om een goede blush te vinden. Ik denk meestal dat het mij niet staat. Voor die prijs kun je hem eigenlijk niet laten liggen. Als ik weer in Nederland ben ga ik sowieso weer naar de dm in Duitsland!


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