Balea Gentle Care Wash Gel

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Skin care wise Balea is one of my favorite brands. It’s super affordable but really effective. When I went to DM a while back I decided I wanted to try another one of their skin care products. I decided buy their Gentle Care Wash Gel. It looked really good to me and it’s good for all skin types. I was very curious to see whether this product would be another hit, or the first miss. If you’re interested in finding out which one it ended up being, keep on reading!

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The Balea Gentle Care wash gel comes in a triangle shaped bottle with a pump dispenser. I really like that there’s a pump dispenser instead of just a whole where the product comes out, because it’s a lot more hygienic and it looks a little fancier. I also really like that the main color of the product is pink. I love the color pink and it’s pretty rare for me to use pink colored skin care product since the ones for oily skin are mostly green or blue. It’s not that important, but it’s a fun little extra.

The wash gel is obviously gelly and has some kind of scrub particles in it. I have to say that these scrub aren’t super rough or anything, you can barely feel them. This does make it more gentle and perfect for sensitive skin, but if you’re looking for a scrubbing face wash, this product is not really what you’re looking for.

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When it comes to cleansing the skin I think this wash gel does a great job. But because it’s super gentle, it’s not suitable for removing hard core makeup like waterproof mascara, or just mascara in general. It’s capable of removing products like powder, concealer and foundation, but that is basically it. It does remove makeup, but it doesn’t leave you with that squeaky clean feeling which I do really like.

On the bottle it says that this wash gel is supposed to smell like grapefruit. To be really honest with you guys, I’ve never smelled a grapefruit before. But even though I haven’t, I can tell you the scent isn’t that strong and I don’t really think it smells like grapefruit. It does smell nice and fresh, but it’s not that strong and I’m not that sure it’s actually grapefruit what I’m smelling. I do not think it’s a bad thing that the scent isn’t strong. It’s actually a good thing because it means that there’s not a lot of alcohol in this product.

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When it comes to the refreshing part I do think Balea is right. The product does in fact feel refreshing. I think that in general using a face wash on your skin after an entire day of living is pretty refreshing, but it’s more refreshing than some other face washes or -wash gels as they like to call it- that I’ve tried.

Over all I think the Balea Gentle Care Wash Gel is a nice basic product. It’s very gentle and it’s not impressive, but it’s a great basic wash gel and I really enjoy using it. It doesn’t feel drying on my skin, but it also doesn’t make me oily and it doesn’t break me out. I think this is in fact a really nice product for everybody, but I think it’s the best for those of you who struggle with sensitive or just normal skin!

The Balea Gentle Skin Wash Gel is available at DM Drogerie for €1,65.

That was it for today. I hope you liked reading today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried a skin care product by Balea!

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6 thoughts on “Balea Gentle Care Wash Gel

  1. Wat een heerlijk product, ik vind het juist fijn als de scrubkorrels wat milder zijn, omdat ik juist een gevoelige huid heb. Ik zou hem echt heel graag eens willen gebruiken, maar helaas zit DM hier héél ver vandaan, haha!


  2. Leuke review! Ik heb een super gevoelige huid, dus misschien moet ik er eens naar kijken als ik weer eens in Duitsland ben… hoewel er wel parfum in zit… kan misgaan met mijn huidje! X


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