P2 Eyebrow Express Pen

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Filling in my eyebrows is to me one of the important steps in any makeup routine. It makes such a big difference. I prefer filling them in using both a pencil and a powder. I’ve been using the same pencil for years now, so I decided it was finally time to try something new. I ended up buying the Eyebrow Express pen by P2. If you’re interested in finding out whether it’s better than the one I used to use or not, keep on reading!

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The pencil has two sides. On one end you’ll find the actual pencil and on the other end you’ll find an eyebrow brush. I really like it when brow pencils come with brow brushes because it’s very convenient and you don’t need to worry about bringing a brow bush with you when you’re going somewhere. Besides that I love that the brow brush has a lid on top of it. The brow pencil I used to use had a brow brush too, but without the lid so it got pretty messy and gross after a while.

The pencil comes in a few different shades. I bought one called “Charming Brunette”. This one seemed to match my hair and brow color really well, so I decided this was the one for me. Besides this one there’s also a version for blondes and for darker brunettes, this one is a little in between those two shades.

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The color of the pencil is pretty much perfect for me. It’s a teeny tiny bit on the orangy side, it has a little bit of a orangy/reddish under tone, but it’s not too obvious. The pencil is also pretty long lasting. It stays on pretty much all day, which is obviously a big plus point. But, I do have to mention that I use powder on top to set it and make it look a little more natural and I top that off with brow gel, so I’m not sure if the staying power of the pencil itself is as amazing if you don’t use the rest on top.

The brush is really nice as well. The one I previously used was a little softer and more gentle, but this one is a little more structured and is just a little bit better at doing the job than the softer one was. I feel like the stiffness of the bristles is perfect. It’s not painful to use or anything, but it does brush through your brows really nicely.

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The only downside is that the pencil is super, super pigmented and pretty creamy. It’s not too easy to not over apply it. You have to be very, very careful and light handed with this pencil in order to get a natural looking brow. Of course you can brush through it to soften everything, but if you’re too heavy handed with it you’ll end up with super thick and over drawn eyebrows, which is definitely not pretty.

Over all I think the pencil is really nice. I like it’s creaminess and I absolutely love the brush, I’m just having a hard time not over drawing my eyebrows when I use this pencil. Of course we all love it when makeup is pigmented, but this is a little too much pigment for me.

The P2 Eyebrow Express Pen is available at DM Drogerie for €1,95.

That was it for today! I hope you liked reading today’s review and let me know which eyebrow pencil you love using!

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5 thoughts on “P2 Eyebrow Express Pen

  1. Lovely! I’d suggest the Anastasia Brow Wiz as Christina said, it’s still pigmented but not to such a great degree where things get too dark to quickly. xoxo


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