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The past few years dry shampoo has become one of the most popular hair products. It allows you to skip washing your hair, it adds texture and volume in most cases and it’s better for your hair than a full on hair wash. I struggle a lot with greasy hair so dry shampoo is pretty much a must have for me. I’ve tried many but not a single one of them seems to work perfectly for me. Because I read so many positive reviews about the Aussie dry shampoo I decided to try it. Today I’m going to review it for you guys. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo comes in three different versions. I bought the most basic one which is the one for volume. The full size product contains 180 ml of dry shampoo, but the travel size version I have contains only 65 ml of product. I decided to buy the travel size because I wasn’t sure whether it was going to work for me so I didn’t want to waste the money on the full size.

The packaging in which the dry shampoo comes is pretty old school. The background is off white and the font and just the over all look of the bottle is pretty simple. It does really have that Australian look to it, which is great because Aussie is a brand that wants to look Australian (it’s founded by an American man so it’s not actually Australian).

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Most dry shampoo’s nowadays are very volumizing and add lots of texture to your hair, but don’t get rid of the grease in why hair which is what they’re actually supposed to do. If you use dry shampoo just for the volume and the texture it adds to your hair it’s no big deal, but because I struggle with greasy hair it’s very important for me that a dry shampoo does what it’s supposed to do.

This dry shampoo is one of the only ones I’ve ever tried that actually does that. If my hair is super greasy and it just needs to be washed this is not enough, but if my hair is a little bit greasy around the roots it definitely works. Besides that this dry shampoo is extremely texturising. I didn’t really expect that so when I used it for the first time and noticed that my hair was pretty rough and that it had a lot of texture to it, which is very rare for me, I was very surprised. Even though I prefer my hair to be soft and shiny, the texture is very useful when you want your hair to stay in place.

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The only thing that keeps me from using this (an some other dry shampoo’s that actually work) is the scent. I absolutely hate it when dry shampoo’s have a very strong scent. The Batiste dry shampoo’s do kind of work for me but the scents are way to strong. This one is a little bit less than those, but I’m still not a huge fan of it. After a few hours I get really annoyed by my hair smelling like that. I’m desperately waiting for the day Aussie launches a non-scented dry shampoo haha.

But over all I do like this dry shampoo. It does work for me. It gets rid of the grease and it adds lots of texture. The effect lasts pretty much all day, which is also a good thing to know. So if you’re struggling with greasy hair and you’re looking for a great dry shampoo, I highly recommend trying this one!

The Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo is available at the drugstore for €7,11 (full size) and €1,95 (travel size).

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which dry shampoo is your favorite!

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5 thoughts on “Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo

  1. Wat een mooie foto’s maak je toch altijd! 🙂 Ik heb nog nooit iets van Aussie geprobeerd, maar ben er wel heel benieuwd naar! 🙂


  2. Ah jammer dat deze ook nog sterk ruikt. Ik heb er een van Andrelon en mijn vriend vond mijn haar naar wc verfrisser ruiken. Hij zei dat ik mijn haar beter maar vet kon laten, hahaha. Jammer, want ik vind ze wel altijd goed werken!


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