Labello Fruity Shine Peach Lipbalm

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Way back when I was a lot younger and when I didn’t even wear makeup I always used Labello lipbalms. Everyone did. To us it was pretty much the only lipbalm brand out there. Ever since I started to get into makeup and started using other brands I forgot about Labello. Just a while ago when I came across this duo I decided to buy them and give them another try. Today it’s time for me to review them. So if you’re interested in finding out whether or not I like using them now as much as I did back when I was a lot younger, keep on reading!

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There are lots of different version Labello available. Back in the day I loved the rose version and the fruity shine guava one. But when I came across the Peach version I was sold. I love the scent of peach a lot so there is no way I won’t like it. The Labello’s come in a very basic paper and plastic packaging. The lipbalms themselves come in a angled orangy packaging. I like how the packaging is still exactly the same as they were back in primary school. It’s not really pretty, but it’s just Labello and I like it.

When it comes to the way they work I am really positive. The balm isn’t too thick but also not really thin and it does a great job at moisturising your lips. It definitely gets rid of dry and chapped lips, which is the most important thing when it comes to lipbalms right?

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The thing I love most about it is the scent. Labello is such a nostalgic brand to me, but the scent is too. The scent is really similar to the scent of Yogi Yogi, which is this kind of yoghurt like drink all kids used to drink back when we were really little (to be honest I still drink it sometimes). It’s really sweet, not too strong and a little bit milky. I love it!

Even though the lipbalm is orange, it doesn’t add actual color to the lips. It just adds a little shine with maybe a teeny tiny hint of orange, but not in a way you can tell. Even though I absolutely love tinted lipbalms I’m glad this one is not tinted because sometimes you just want to moisturise your lips and you don’t want any color.

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Over all I’m pretty happy I came across these lipbalms and that I decided to take them with me. They remind me so much of when I was a little younger and I still think they work pretty great. They are pretty basic, but the scent is absolutely amazing. I feel like these lipbalms are perfect to just throw in your bag and take with you. Love it!

The Labello Fruity Shine Peach Lipbalms are available at the drugstore for €2,49 for one balm (Kruidvat) and at Kaufland in Germany for €1,99 for this two pack.

That was it for today. I really hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you used to use Labello when you were younger too!

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