The Body Shop: Atlas Mountain Rose

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A while ago I decided to use a little sample I had laying around from The Body Shop. I didn’t know which scent it was and I didn’t really expect too much of it. But when I covered my body in that product I fell in love. It’s just like love at first sight. It smelled so extremely good. I had to do everything within my power to find out which scent it was and to buy the full size version of it. It ended up being the scent Atlas Mountain Rose and when I went to the Body Shop last weekend and saw this set was on sale, I bought it. Today I’ll be reviewing it. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The first product in this set is the Atlas Mountain Rose Body Lotion. I love the TBS body butters, but their body lotions are amazing too. Because I already have a bunch of the body lotion I was glad that the set came with the lotion instead. The lotion smells obviously exactly the same as the body butter sample that I used back when I fell in love with the scent and it’s just amazing.

The body lotion comes in a long slim bottle. All TBS perfumed body lotions do. The design on the front looks really pretty. I really like the look of it!

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The Atlas Mountain Rose scent is very unique. It smells luxurious and fancy with a rosy touch. It’s not a full on rose scent which is great since not a lot of people like that, but the rosy touch in this scent does give it that last extra bit of gloriousness. I absolutely love it. After applying this to my body I feel very fancy and pampered. It’s the same feeling you get when you use a very fancy and luxurious perfume like Chloé in my case. It makes me feel just a little bit extra amazing.

The thing I love about this body lotion is that even though it’s perfumed it doesn’t make my skin feel dry. It’s not as moisturising as other body lotions, but I don’t mind. Perfumed body lotions are never really moisturising. Besides that the scent is also very long lasting. When I put this on my body at night time, I can still smell it when I am about to take a shower the next day. It’s impressive.

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The perfume that comes in this set looks absolutely gorgeous too. The bottle contains 50 ml of product which is a lot for a perfume in a gift set. I really like how simple the packaging is while still being absolutely gorgeous. It looks very chic and elegant to me. I love it a lot!

Normally I’m not that into wearing a perfume in the same scent as your body lotion, but this one is definitely an exception. I’m so obsessed with this scent that I’m pretty sure I’ll never ever get enough of it. I just can’t explain how amazing this is. If you ever find yourself near a TBS store, please smell it. You won’t regret it!

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The scent is pretty light and it doesn’t last as long as the scent of the body lotion. Because I use them together pretty often I don’t really mind. I’ll be able to smell this scent throughout the entire day anyway. But when I wear it on it’s own I do spray on a little extra after a few hours.

All together I’m extremely happy that I got this set. I’m first off all surprised that TBS has a full size gift set like this and and second off all that it was this affordable. I’m just so in love with this scent and with the way it makes me feel. I think this range might be my favorite one ever. I highly recommend it!

The TBS Atlas Mountain Rose Full Size gift set costs €24,50 (but was on sale for €12,25).

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever smelled this scent and what you think of it!

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7 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Atlas Mountain Rose

  1. Oh die heb je voor een mooie prijs gescoord ❤ Ik moet ook echt vaker samples gebruiken, soms zit er inderdaad zo'n juweeltje tussen! Ik ben trouwens niet echt van de rozengeur, maar toch ben ik wel heel benieuwd nu dankzij jouw review. Dat luxe-gevoel herken ik trouwens wel, dat heb ik ook met sommige bodylotions ♥


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