Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suède Lipstick

Revlon Color Stay Lipstick

Revlon is one of those brands I’ve always liked the look of, but rarely tried. The only Revlon products I’ve ever tried is a lipbutter and two nail polishes, so when I saw they had Revlon at Boots/Superdrug I decided to branch out a little and buy some more products. There was a 3 for 2 sale going on and I ended up buying 3 lip products. Today it’s time for me to review the first one, which is the Colorstay lipstick. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Revlon Colorstay

The Revlon ColorStay lipstick comes in a long tube. The bottom part is pink and has this plastic thing around it and the lid is completely made out of plastic. I’m not completely sure whether I like the way it looks or not, but that’s not really the most important part. The most important part is the color. I was on the hunt for some amazing everyday neutral lip colors. I haven’t really found the perfect everyday lip color yet, so I decided to go for this very pretty pink color called High Heels.

High Heels is a very pretty everyday pink color. It’s neutral but it’s not too pale or too nude. It doesn’t make me look like my lips are covered in concealer or anything like that, which is obviously a positive thing.

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick

This lipstick is called “ColorStay Ultimate Suede”, which sounds promising. It didn’t really say anything about this on the packaging, but when I looked it up online I found out why it’s called like that. Revlon claims that this lipstick has a velvety soft formula with shea butter and aloe. It also claims that this lipstick is food-proof. Well if that’s true, I’m sold. I’ve never had a normal lipstick that stayed in place like that.

But is it true? Does it actually stay in place like that? Well yes and no. It does stay on your lips, even if you eat or drink something, but it doesn’t look pretty anymore after a while. It starts off as a very comfortable and smooth lipstick, but after a while it turns into a sticky layer. I personally don’t really mind the stickiness, but after it gets sticky like that it will start looking really odd. It really accentuated the dryness of my lips and it got just really weird and ugly.

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick Lip Swatch

Pigmentation wise this product is great. I prefer sheer lipsticks over super heavy pigmented lipsticks, but one is a little bit of both. It has the softness and the shine of the sheer lipsticks, but it does have quite descent pigmentation. I do have to say that after a while the shine just leaves and all that’s left is that sticky layer I told you guys about, but at first it does look really pretty.

I think the only way to cope with the problem that it starts looking weird after a while is to either apply a lipbalm underneath or on top after a few hours, or just reapply it completely. The only problem then is that you can’t get the layer that started looking ugly off because it does still stay like no other, so you either have to use remover or just apply a new layer on top of it.


Over all I do think the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick is a gorgeous lipstick, but I’m not a huge fan of it. I love the color and I love the way it feels on my lips at first, but I hate that it turns into such a weird consistency after a while. It just really didn’t look good at all and it was basically impossible to remove. But despite that it’s quite a nice product!

The Revlon Ultimate Suede Lipstick is available online ( and at Boots/Superdrug for £8,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have any experience with the Revlon lipsticks!

Naamloos 8


4 thoughts on “Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suède Lipstick

  1. I had a similar experience with this product (different shade). It looked SO pretty once I applied it, but atfter about 20 minutes, it looked like it was peeling off my lips like dried paint! Horrible. I actually complained to Revlon and they sent me coupons. I tossed the lipstick. It’s such a shame ’cause that first 20 minutes it was super nice!


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