MUA Elysium Palette

MUA Elysium Palette Head

MUA (a.k.a. Makeup Academy) is one of my favorite budget proof brands ever. I especially adore their eyeshadow palettes. While shopping at Superdrug I bought a few (read 5) of their palettes and today it’s time to review one of them. The one I’m reviewing today is the one I was most excited about, the Elysium palette. If you’re interested in finding out more about this palette, keep on reading!

MUA Elysium shades

The Elysium palette is slightly bigger than other MUA palettes. This is because the shadows come in pretty large rectangular shaped pans instead of the usual round ones. The first thing about this palette that stood out to me is that instead of a useless brush, this palette comes with a double ended eye pencil. You can tell from the picture above because it would’ve fallen out if I tried to put it in there in this position, but I’ll show the pencil to you later.

If you’d ask me if I prefer this packaging over the usual packaging, I would say I’m not sure. I do like the fact that these pans are so big and that every inch of the palette is actual eyeshadow, but I’m just not sure if I like the over all look of it.

MUA Double Ended Eye Pencil

As promised I’d show you guys the pencil that comes with this palette. On one end it’s black and the other end is the same color as my skin. I didn’t expect much from this pencil since it comes with the palette and that usually means it’s not that great, but to be honest I absolutely love this pencil. When I swatched it on my hand I was seriously surprised. Both sides are very creamy and rich, but when they’re applied, they won’t budge. It was so hard to remove it.

I do have to mention that I really appreciate that MUA included this pencil instead of those sponge applicators that no one ever uses. This pencil is seriously useful and I have actually used it multiple times already. It’s amazing! I honestly don’t think any eye pencil in my collection is as amazing as this one. I’m super impressed.

MUA Elysium Colors

On to the shadows. The palette contains 10 shadows. All shadows are pretty neutral and rosy toned. I personally love rosy toned eyeshadows, so this palette is right up my alley. My favorite colors are the second one and the last one from the first row and the first one from the bottom row. I think those shadows are absolutely gorgeous and very wearable for everyday.

The palette contains both matte and shimmery colors which I really like about it. I’m not that into matte eyeshadows, but if I create a shimmery eye look I do want my transition color and my highlight to be matte. I think that because there are both matte and shimmery eyeshadows in here, this palette is super versatile and useful for any time of the day and any occasion.

MUA Elysium Swatches 1

Pigmentation wise I feel like MUA always rocks. Even the lighter shades actually showed up on the swatch, which is pretty rare for me since I’m horrible at taking pictures of swatches in the first place. The only teeny tiny down side about these eyeshadows is that they are slightly powdery/dusty. It’s not annoying and it doesn’t bother me while creating looks with this palette, but it is something I feel like I should mention.

MUA Elysium Swatches 2

And this is the second row + swatches from the eye pencil. As you can tell the darker colors are even more pigmented and intense than the lighter colors are. But over all I’m very impressed by how amazing the pigmentation is, considering this palette was only £6! The swatches from the eye pencil look really amazing too. That black color is so super intense and creamy, but the lighter shade definitely didn’t let me down either.

All together I’d say this Elysium palette is a big hit. I’m still not sure how to pronounce the name, but that’s only a detail. I love the rosy colors and I’m just obsessed with the eye pencil that comes with it. I wish every palette would come with an eye pencil like this instead of the sponge applicators!

The MUA Elysium palette is available at Superdrug and at for £6,00.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which MUA palette is your favorite!

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