Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Eyeshadow Palette in Copper Peach

Pixi Shadow

Last Christmas I received a gorgeous eyeshadow palette by Pixi. I fell in love with it and all I wanted was another one. When I went to London I came across a Pixi store and I decided to take a look. I ended up buying another one of their eyeshadow palettes and a blush. Today I’m going to be reviewing the eyeshadow palette. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not this palette is just as good as the other one I own, keep on reading!

Pixi head

The palette comes in a really pretty packaging. The box is light green and decorated with gold. The palette itself is too and has a clear lid. I really love the packaging. A little detail about it which I really like is that the box it comes in is not just paper, it’s kind of waxy. It feels pretty luxurious to be honest and I really like it.

The palette comes with six different shades of eyeshadow. Five of which are shimmery and one is not. I do have to say that not all shadows are crazy shimmery, some just have a sheen to them and others only a few little sparkles here and there, it’s not over the top. I really like that even though most shades are shimmery, they’re not all shimmery in the same way.

Pixi Mesmerizing Eyeshadow

This particular palette is called “Copper Peach”. I think that name represents the colors that are in the palette really well. Most colors are warm toned and have a bit of copper and/or peach in them. I love warm toned eyeshadows, so this palette is literally right up my ally.

Starting from the left hand side, the first color is a very pretty shimmery warm brown shade. It has some shimmer to it and is a perfect crease color for a daily eyeshadow look. It looks good with lots of different eyeshadows, not only the ones that come in this palette. It’s a very useful color.

Next up is a coppery peach shade. This one is a bit warmer than the first color and has a little less shimmer to it. I would call this a sheen. While the first shade could be used for people with both a warm and a cold undertone in their skin, I feel like this color would look a lot better on people with a warm undertone.

Pixi Copper Peach Eyeshadow palette

The third color in the palette is one of my favorites. It’s a very pretty champagne peach color. It’s the perfect eyelid color and I love it a lot! It looks good with every color in this palette and is perfect for an everyday eyeshadow look. You could definitely just wear this shade on it’s own and rock it. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Next is the darkest shade in the palette. It’s a very, very pretty deep brown shade. It’s not 100% matte, but it also doesn’t really have a sheen to it. It’s more like a semi-satin like finish. It’s really pretty. I love this color a lot. It’s perfect for darkening up the crease a little.

The second last color is the most shimmery one of all. It’s a little less warm toned than the other eyeshadows, but it’s still a really pretty color. If you prefer lighter looks this could be used as a crease color, but since I love darker eyeshadow looks this is a perfect eyelid shade for me.

The last color in the palette is a matte creme highlighter shade. I’m so glad the highlighter in the palette is matte. I do like shimmery looks, but if my look is all shimmery I do want my highlighter to be matte. The color of the highlighter is absolutely gorgeous and I love using it!

Pixi Swatches

Pigmentation wise the palette is great. Just like the other Pixi palette I own. The thing with Pixi eyeshadows is that they are very creamy and slightly powdery. I don’t have any fall out when I use them and the powderiness doesn’t bother me in any way, but it is something I feel like I should mention. If you do struggle with fall out while using these, I recommend using a creamy eyeshadow before applying these eyeshadows. That way they will stick better.

Pixi Eyeshadow palette

Over all I could say Pixi didn’t let me down. I expected a gorgeous palette and that is exactly what I ended up getting. I love these colors a lot and I love the over all look of the palette. I’m such a big fan of these Pixi palette. I really hope they’ll launch some more versions soon! I highly recommend these palettes!

The Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Eyeshadow Palette is available at Beautybay.com for €17,80.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which eyeshadow brand is your favorite!

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  1. this looks beautiful!! I love neutral eyeshadows 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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