MUA Power Pout Glaze

MUA Power Pout

MUA is one of my favorite budget brands. I absolutely love their eyeshadows, their highlighter and their lipsticks. While shopping at Superdrug I came across this Power Pout Glaze by MUA. I thought it was like a chubby stick, but when I opened the tested I found out it was nothing like that at all. I thought I put the thing back in the stand, but when I was going through the stuff I bought in London I found out I did in fact buy it. Today it’s time to review this accidental purchase. If you’re interested in finding out if it ended up being a good accident or not, keep on reading!

MUA Glaze Power Pout Packaging

The Power Pout Glaze comes in a pretty wide long pencil. It kind of reminds me of the chubby stick like lip products, which I had  mistaken this for. The packaging is made out of colored plastic. The color of the plastic represents the color of the product. In my case it’s a gorgeous berry reddish color which I absolutely love. On the bottom you’ll find a silver part which you have to twist in order to get the product out of the tube. I like this system because I feel like this way the product doesn’t get in touch with the air as much and it will stay good longer.

The over all look of the packaging is in my opinion okay. I’m not blown away by it, I’m not super impressed, but I don’t hate it. It does look pretty good. Not super high class, but not cheap either.

MUA Power Pout Brush

The color I bought is called Serenity. Serenity to me is the perfect fall lip color. It’s a very pretty berry red color, which I didn’t have in my collection yet, but really like. I do have to say that the color does look a bit more pink on the picture than it is and it appears a little lighter, so you kind of have to trust me on this one. I didn’t own anything like this yet because I’m usually a neutral lip color kind of girl, but this color made me want to branch out a little more. I think it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The application of the product it the biggest down side to this product. On top you’ll find a brush like thingy, which you have to use for application. The hairs aren’t really strong or anything like that, so they just go everywhere. I’m not a pro at applying lip products and I have to say this brush didn’t make my life a lot easier at all.

MUA Power Pout Lip Swatch

The pigmentation of the product is nice. Lipglosses are never really pigmented, and I like that about it. This way I’ll be able to wear a kind of daring lip color, but because it’s not insanely pigmented it won’t look too daring at all. I really like that about it. Staying power wise it’s just like lipgloss. It doesn’t stay on for ages, but it’s not bad too. It’s decent.

Over all I don’t think I really regret buying this MUA Power Pout, but I don’t love it. It’s basically a fancy looking/sounding lipgloss in a really pretty color. If you like lipgloss and you like colors like this, I’d recommend it. But if you’re not that into lipgloss I’d suggest you skip this one.

The MUA Power Pout Glaze is available at drugstores for £3,50.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever accidentally bought something!

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