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Kiko Nail Polish Head

Throughout the past few months I have noticed that one particular Kiko nail polish has been popping up everywhere. It’s this gorgeous bright minty green/ turquoise color and I absolutely love it. Sadly there is no Kiko near me (yet) so I had to wait forever until I was finally able to buy it. But this summer the wait was finally over. I visited a Kiko store in the Westfield mall in Stratford, London and I bought this beauty. If you’re interested in finding out whether it let me down or not, keep on reading!

Kiko Nail Polish Color

The color we’re talking about is called “389 Mint Milk”. On the bottle itself you’ll only find the number of the color so for years I thought Kiko didn’t name their products, but when I looked the products up online I found out they in fact do give their products names, but they’re only displayed on the site. Mint Milk is the prettiest, brightest minty color I have ever seen, I’m not exaggerating at all. I fell in love with it when I first saw it and I was still in love with it when I bought it.

The nail polish comes in a pretty professional looking packaging. There are a few different ranges available nowadays, but this is, I guess, the regular one. I absolutely love the look of the packaging. I love that the bottle itself is square/rectangular shaped because storage wise that is very efficient and I love that the lid is semi-matte. It gives it just that extra bit of professional-ness.

Kiko Nail Polish Brush

The brush that comes with the polish is very nice. It was kind of hard to capture it on camera because if I wasn’t quick enough my whole cabinet would be ruined. But the thing with this brush is that it’s the perfect shape. It’s slightly rounded at the edge and it it’s not too big, but not too small either. I feel like ever since the whole big nail polish brush thing has been discovered, some brands go all crazy and create these big ass brushes which are just way, way too big, but luckily Kiko didn’t go that far.

Over all I think this brush makes applying the polish as easy as humanly possible. Of course you’re able to mess it up if you’re just not that good at applying nail polish, but I do feel like the shape and the thickness really helps. So if you’re struggling with applying nail polish, you don’t have to worry when it comes to this polish.

Kiko Nail Polish Swatch

Like always, this polish covered within two coats. I have three Kiko polishes from this particular range now, and they are all equally as opaque. I really like that about Kiko. It’s not like some polishes are crap and others are amazing, so you just have to be lucky. No, every polish is equally as pigmented, and that amount of pigmentation is enough.

The lasting power of Kiko nail polishes always impress me. Ever since the whole gel polish rage started I was getting used to polishes that lasted for about 4 to 5 days on my nails but the polishes I’ve been testing out lately have been letting me down. Luckily this polish restores my faith in nail polish and it lasted all week. I absolutely love it. It didn’t lose any of it’s shininess or intensity throughout the time I wore it and I felt like I didn’t have to be extremely careful with my hands and nails.

Kiko Nail Polish

Over all I think this Kiko Nail Laquer is amazing. It certainly didn’t let me down and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this color lots during the summer (and fall and winter and spring) because I absolutely love it. I highly recommend the Kiko Nail Laquers in general, but especially this color!

The Kiko Nail Laquer is available at the Kiko webshop and in their stores for €2,50.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried a Kiko nail polish and what your experience with Kiko nail polishes is like!

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