NYC Expert Last Lip Color

NYC Lipstick Packaging

I have never had any kind of good experience with the brand NYC. All of the products I have tried were rubbish and at one point I decided to never buy anything from them again. But after watching Emily Noel’s video on “brands that have come a long way” in which she talked about how NYC Has been improved a lot I got kind of excited to try some of their products. One of the products I ended up buying is the Expert Last Lip Color. Today it’s time for me to review it. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, keep on reading!

NYC Lipstick

The NYC Expert Last Lip Color comes in a pretty basic packaging. The bottom part is the same color as the lipstick and the lid is clear. I don’t hate the packaging. It’s a lot better than the packagings they used to have, but it’s also not extremely pretty. It’s just okay. I do like it that the color of the bottom part of the packaging matches the color of the lipstick, because this makes it a lot easier to find the color you’re looking for.

The color I bought is called Creamy Mauve. Creamy Mauve is a very pretty pale pink purplish color. It could either be a perfect nude color, or a pretty bright pale pink. When I bought it I was hoping for a perfect nude color, but after I swatched it I found out it was the other option.

NYC Lipstick Color

Lipstick wise I’m a sheer kind of girl. I love sheer lipsticks with a sheen to them. Not real shimmer, I don’t like metallic finishes, but just some kind of sheen. Matte lipsticks are just not made for me and I never really like the way they feel. Because I couldn’t find a tester at the store I wasn’t sure what the texture was going to be like, but it ended up being the complete opposite of what I usually like.

This lipstick is completely matte and is very pigmented. The texture is quite thick so it’s pretty heavy on the lips, compared to more sheer and shiny lipsticks like for example the Bourjois Shine Edition lipsticks. If the color would be perfect, I wouldn’t have mind. But because the color isn’t what I hoped it would be, the fact that it’s matte and quite heavy could be a reason for me not to use this lipstick.

NYC Lipstick Lip Swatch

I have very, very unpigmented lips, so as you can tell this lipstick is really pigmented. Even though it looks kind of shiny on the picture, in real life it’s definitely more of a matte finish and it definitely feels like a matte lipstick. The lipstick was in fact pretty easy to apply and it didn’t take a million layers to get it to this point. Actually just one, which I think is very impressive.

The color of the lipstick is a bit more bright than I hoped it would be, but still it isn’t an ugly color. The fact that I was hoping for a perfect nude pink color and it ended up being nothing like that makes me feel a little disappointed, but when you just look at the product in an objective way I definitely think it’s a pretty color.

NYC Lip Color

Overall I think quality wise the NYC Expert Last Lip Color is a great lipstick. It’s pigmented, it stays and it’s easy to apply. but for girls like me who prefer sheer lipsticks and light textures it’s just not a great fit. Even though I’m like that and it’s not a great fit for me, I still recommend it just because I think that quality wise it’s actually a great product and I actually think that NYC did a pretty good job creating these lipstick, especially when you compare them to the lipsticks they used to have back in the day.

The NYC Expert Last Lip Color is available at the drugstore for €3,29./£1,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have ever tried one of the NYC Expert Last Lip Colors!

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