Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette

Collection Eyeshadow Palette

I think we’re all familiar with the extremely popular Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. But besides creating the best concealer on earth, Collection has some other great products in their collection. One of which is this Eyes Uncovered eyeshadow palette. I personally love shimmery neutral eyeshadows, so when I saw this palette I fell in love. After debating a few minutes with myself on which version I’d buy, I ended up getting this gorgeous nude bronze version. If you’re interested in getting to know more about it, keep on reading!

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette

The Collection Eyes Uncovered palette comes in a mainly black colored packaging which is made out of this kind of foamy material and cardboard. I’m not a super, super big fan of the packaging, but I do kind of like it. I like the way the title of the palette is displayed on the front and I like the fact that you can see the colors inside the palette without having to open up the palette. I just think the material it’s made out of isn’t too classy. But despite that, I think Collection did a pretty good job.

The palette contains 6 different shades of eyeshadow. There are three different versions available. The Nude version, the Nude Bronze version and the Nude Grey version. I chose the Nude Bronze version because those colors are just a little more up my ally than the colors in the other two palettes are, but I do have to say it was hard to choose.

Eyes Uncovered Palette Shades

The reason why I love this palette so much is because there is a matte highlighter in there and all other 5 shadows are shimmery. Even though I love a matte medium brown transition color, I’m glad that all shades, except the highlighter, are shimmery. I’m just all about that shimmer, but when I create a shimmery look, I’m not craving another shimmery highlighter as well. That would be way too much.

Another reason why I really like this palette is because it’s so versatile. You can create a very warm golden bronze look with it, as well as a slightly cooler toned look. You can keep in very light, but you can also go a lot darker than that. Because of that I feel like this palette could be used for any occasion, and that is, to me, what makes a palette perfect.

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette Swatches

Pigmentation wise I can’t say anything else than: I’m impressed. I’m so, so impressed. Of course I swatched the shadows in store, but I really, really didn’t expect this. Even the highlighter shade shows up on the swatch which is something very uncommon for me. And besides that, every single color in this palette is pigmented. There is not one eyeshadow that is even a tiny bit less amazing than the others. I absolutely love that.

The only teeny tiny downside to this palette is the fact that the shadows are a bit dusty. I do have to say that I haven’t really struggled with that while applying it. It’s just that they become a little messy after using the palette a while, but if that’s all, I don’t think I really mind.

Eyes Uncovered Palette

Over all I think the key word for this review is: impressed. I’m just super, super impressed by this palette in every way possible. You have to keep in mind that this palette is super affordable, but honestly in my opinion it’s the best budget proof eyeshadow palette I’ve ever tried. I have not once used an eyeshadow palette this affordable that is this amazing. If you ever find yourself somewhere in the world where they sell this, don’t hesitate to buy it. Just do it, you won’t regret it!

The Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette is available at Boots/Superdrug for £3,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed today’s review and let me know which budget proof eyeshadow palette is your absolute favorite!

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6 thoughts on “Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Bronze Palette

  1. Wow! Always been skipping the Collection counters because I wasn’t very sure about it. These look fantastic, definitely checking out this palette next time. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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