Real Techniques Collectors Edition Sculpting Set

Real Techniques Collectors Sculpting Set

Brushes are key for a perfect makeup look. One of my favorite brands when it comes to makeup brushes is Real Techniques. One reason being that I just love the Pixiwoo sisters, another reason being that I like the look of them, but the most important reason being that the quality is just simply amazing. While shopping at Superdrug I came across this gorgeous collectors edition set and I couldn’t resist it, so I bought it. Today I’ll be reviewing it. If you’re interested in finding out whether this set is equally as amazing as the other Real Techniques brushes, keep on reading!

Real Techniques Set

The main reason why I bought this particular set is not because of the brushes that are in it, but because of the way they look. The regular Real Techniques brushes have matte handles and are bigger at the bottom. These brushes however are shiny and aren’t bigger at the bottom. I absolutely love the way that looks. I love the shiny handle and I love that they aren’t super big at the bottom so they don’t take in a shitload of space in my brush holder.

This collector’s edition set is called the Sculpting Set, which basically means that the brushes it comes with are made for contouring, highlighting and applying blush. Therefore it comes with the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush, the Real Techniques Setting Brush and a Real Techniques Fan Brush. The fan brush is an exclusive brush that is especially made for this particular set.

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

Let’s start off with discussing the first brush, the Sculpting Brush. The Sculpting Brush is made for creating defined contours, a.k.a. contouring. However I love using this brush for applying foundation. I already have a few brushes I love for applying contour so I didn’t want to use it for that, but when I read that some people use it for foundation and I decided to try that, I ended up loving it. I love it even more than my Sigma F80 brush and more than the Real Techniques Expert Face brush. It’s just absolutely amazing!

The hairs of the brush are absolutely amazing. The bottom part is white, which I really like, especially when it comes to foundation brushes, and the other part is just black. The hairs aren’t really stiff but they’re also not really soft and woobly. The brush does stay in place while applying the product which I like, but it’s not painful to use in any way. I really love this brush.

Real Techniques Fan Brush

The second brush in this set is the Fan Brush. Fan brushes can be used for removing fall out, applying highly pigmented blushes or applying a soft sweep of powder. I personally don’t use fan brushes that often, but I do think it’s pretty nice to have one in my collection.

The thing I like about this fan brush is that the hairs are super, super soft and that it’s not a huge ass brush. The other fan brush I own is a little bigger and has longer hairs. I feel like because this one has shorter hairs you have more control over the brush which makes it easier to apply the product exactly where you want it to be.

Real Techniques Setting Brush

The last brush in the set is the Setting Brush. I have always wanted to have the Real Techniques Setting Brush because I feel like it’s the most multi functional brush ever. I love using it to apply highlighter, but it also amazing for applying setting powder on small areas like underneath your eyes, on your nose, etc.

The best thing about this brush is the size. It’s pretty small, but not as small as a large blending brush for your eyeshadow for example. I used a big fluffy eyeshadow brush to apply my highlighter for years, but I can tell you this is much, much better. I can’t explain how amazing I think this brush is.

I think it’s pretty clear I’m in love with this set. I love all three brushes in it and I have been using them a lot lately. I love how Real Techniques creates these Collectors Edition sets so fans like me can have something a little extra special and a little extra pretty.

The Real Techniques Collectors Edition Sculpting Set is available at Superdrug for £20,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which Real Techniques brushes you love the most!

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4 thoughts on “Real Techniques Collectors Edition Sculpting Set

  1. I have never heard of using that brush for foubdation 8nly for contouring. How interesting. Now I really want this set even more. I’m torn between this set and the fancy triangle/gold foundation brush from RT. What do you suggest? I really like how those brushes look that are sold individually that are hold or silver. I don’t own any RT brushes yet. I have a great set of 29 brushes by Ovonni that I love! I wrote a post about them, if you want to check it out. Great Post! Very informative. Thanks.


    • Hmm, I’ve never tried one of the Bold Metals brushes before because they are quite expensive and I’m not too sure about the shapes of the brushes. I would say buy this set and see how you like it since you’re not familiar with Real Techniques brushes yet, and if you end up loving them you can always invest in the fancier brushes.

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