Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Throughout the years I have tested quite a few primers, but besides the L’Oreal 24H Matte one I haven’t really found one I genuinely liked. In London I bought three primers, one of which is the L’Oreal one I mentioned earlier, which I have reviewed already and the second one I bought is the Rimmel Stay Matte primer. The Rimmel Stay Matte range in general has always kind of caught my attention, so I decided it was time to actually try the products from that range. Today I’ll be reviewing the primer. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, keep on reading!

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Packaging

The tube the Stay Matte primer comes in is pretty similar to the tube the foundation comes in. It’s made of this kind of rubbery plastic and it’s mainly white. Even though it doesn’t look extremely luxurious I do like the look of it. Honestly, luxurious looking packagings aren’t always the best. Packagings like this are pretty cool too. The fact that this primer comes in a tube is already a plus for me. It’s pretty hygienic and it’s easy to work with. You can easily control the amount of product coming out of the tube and you don’t have to touch the product with your hands every time you use it.

The tube contains 30 ml of product, which is a great amount for a primer. And as the name already suggest, the primer is made to keep us oily skin girls matte throughout the day. Rimmel claims that this primer controls shine for up to 8 hours and that it creates a perfect matte base for your makeup. That sounds like a heavenly product, doesn’t it?

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Consistency

The main difference between this primer and the L’Oreal primer I mentioned earlier, is the texture. While the L’Oreal primer is clear and silicone-like, this primer is more of a cream. It’s white and it doesn’t have that really silicony feel to it, which can be a good thing. Which one is better pretty much depends on what you prefer and what your skin prefers. To me both textures are fine.

But, the most important thing, are the claims true? Is Rimmel really telling us the truth about this product? Well, I have mixed feelings on that one. The up to 8 hour claim first off all is definitely a lie. It’s pretty much impossible to keep my skin matte for longer than one hour, so I don’t blame the primer for that. I do feel like my skin gets a bit less oily or at least not as quickly when I use this primer compared to when I use another primer or nothing, but 8 hours of matteness is just one big fat lie. It might be true for people with normal skin or not super oily skin, but for my extreme oiliness it’s definitely not enough.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Claims

However, when it comes to the perfect matte base part, I do think Rimmel is telling the truth. Perfect is a big word, nothing is really perfect obviously, but I do feel like my makeup looks a lot better when I use it and it goes on a lot smoother.

The funny thing is that primers are actually made for making your makeup last longer, and Rimmel doesn’t promise too much about that and I think that’s a shame because this primer really extends the staying power of my makeup. This is something they definitely should have advertised with. When I use this primer in combination with any foundation, BB cream, etc. my foundation will last all day. Literally all day. Even on sweaty days, even on sweaty busy days at work. It’s pretty amazing and I love that about it.

Over all I think the Rimmel Stay Matte primer is a pretty good one. The 8 hours of matte skin might not be true for me, but I definitely like using this primer. It does create a nice base for my makeup and it does what a primer should do, keep my makeup in place all day. I think that if you’re on the hunt for a serious mattifying primer you should look for something else, but if you’re just looking for a great primer that does a bit of everything, I think this one is perfect.

The Rimmel Stay Matte Primer is available at Boots/Superdrug for £5,99.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know which primer you love using!

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10 thoughts on “Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

  1. Love this primer but it doesn’t keep me matte for 8 hours. My skin gets extremely oily within an hour too and idk what to use.. I’ve tried out so any products and nothing really seems to make a difference:( great post! Check out my blog. Xx


    • My all time favorite primer is actually not even a real primer. It’s the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm. I really like how it works. There’s no alcohol in it which is great and it keeps my makeup in place literally all day. Even when you’re sweaty or when it’s raining. It’s a bit of a weird product to use as a girl, but trust me it works wonders!


  2. Im still in the hunt to find my perfect primer! I had this but didn’t like it 😦 What type of skin do you have? Im oily/acneprone/sensetive. I go from dry to oil factory in an hour! lol Any suggestions?


    • I have pretty oily skin as well. It’s so hard to keep it under control. I still haven’t found the magic product that will keep me from getting oily, but I do really like what the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser does for me. It’s not specifically made for oily skin but it works pretty amazing for me!


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