Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Revlon HD Lipstick

After trying two of the Revlon Lipbutters and loving them I decided it was time for me to try some more Revlon lip products. The first one that caught my attention was this very pretty color from the Ultra HD range. I decided to take it with me since the color looked perfect to me and the swatch looked promising. Today I’m going to be reviewing it. If you’re interested in finding out whether it was worth the try or not, keep on reading!

Revlon HD Lipstick Packaging

The Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick comes in a very pretty packaging. It’s different from all other Revlon lipsticks. It looks a lot fancier and it has a very different feel to it. I really love it. The lid is clear and has this kind of diamond like look to it and the rest of the packaging is silver. The only thing I really dislike about the packaging is the fact that the lipstick doesn’t completely go back into the tube when you “close” it, so you have to be really careful with putting the lid back on if you don’t want to ruin the lipstick.

The color I chose is called Peony. I absolutely love peonies, so I actually really like that this lipstick is called Peony. Peony is a very pretty everyday pink color. It’s not super duper nude, but it is still a pretty wearable color. At least, by the looks of it in the tube it is.

Revlon HD Lipstick Color

Looking at the color in the tube you would expect it to be the perfect everyday pink color. The beloved “my lips but better color”. I really hoped it would be something like that, since I have been looking for a color like that for years. Sadly, it isn’t really like that. It is in fact a very pretty wearable pink color, but instead of being a very pretty rosy pink, it’s more like a pale pink color. Nothing wrong with pale pinks, I like them, but it’s just not what I expected, which made me feel a little disappointed.

When it comes to the staying power I think this lipstick is pretty decent. It’s not super impressive, but it’s not bad either. It’s basically like any other lipstick. It does stay for a good few hours if you don’t eat and drink, but if you do it might fade a little quicker.

Revlon Lipstick

Revlon HD Lipstick Lip Swatch

The texture of the lipstick is probably my favorite part. It’s a very smooth and creamy lipstick and it’s very lightweight, which is one of the most important features to me. It’s not sticky and it doesn’t completely dry out my lips like some other lipsticks do. It’s very nice to wear, even if you’re not really a lipstick person.

Pigmentation wise the lipstick is pretty good too. Usually I’m a big sheer lipstick fan because those have way nicer textures in my opinion, but this one isn’t like that. It does have decent pigmentation and it has a semi-matte finish. It’s not really shiny, but not full on shiny as well. I really like the look of it.

Over all I do think the Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick is a very nice product. The texture is really nice and the lasting power definitely didn’t let me down either. It’s for sure one of the better lipsticks I have in my collection. The only little downside is that the color you see in the tube doesn’t completely match the color on your lips. But despite that I definitely really like this lipstick!

The Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick is available at Boots and Suprdrug for £7,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have tried any lipstick from this range!

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7 thoughts on “Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

  1. Love your review! It makes me wanna try this lipstick out. I just wrote a post about my favourite lipstick on my blog, it will be great that you could come by and tell me what do you think! Thank you:))


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