Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick

Natural Collection Lipstick Packaging

A while ago I was watching a video from Fleur the Force and Nikki Phillipi in which they attempted the 20 dollar/pound makeup challenge. They both bought a few products for each other and they created a makeup look using them. One of the products Fleur bought for Nikki was the Natural Collection lipstick in the shade Raspberry. Fleur told her that she really liked that one herself too, and so did I. When I saw it at Boots back when I went to London I decided to buy it. Today I’ll be reviewing it. If you’re interested in finding out whether it’s actually good or not, keep on reading!

Natural Collection Lipstick Raspberry

Packaging wise I honestly hate this lipsticks. It looks pretty cheap and I feel like the shape of the lipstick is pretty unpractical. I do not blame Natural Collection for it since it’s such an affordable brand, and I don’t think it’s a requirement for cheap products to not look cheap, but I do think they could’ve done at least a little better. Maybe change the shape of the packaging, make it a rectangle, maybe change the color.

There are a few different types of lipsticks in Natural Collection’s collection. The one I bought is from the Moisture Shine range. As the name already suggests this lipstick is supposed to be moisturizing and it’s supposed to add some shine to the lips. To me that sounded like the perfect combination.

Natural Collection Lipstick Color

As I mentioned in the intro, the color I bought is called raspberry. Raspberry is a very pretty fall proof berry red color. I really like colors like this. They aren’t full on red, they do have that bit of pink/purple in it and I feel like they are pretty wearable. Because it says it’s a moisture shine lipstick I expected it to be a little sheer too, which is something I really like. Especially when it comes to colors like this.

From a lipstick this affordable you obviously can’t expect too much. For example the staying power. Most moisturizing lipsticks aren’t that long lasting, but especially cheap ones like this aren’t. Because I didn’t expect it to stay in place for a long time, it didn’t really disappoint me.

Natural Collection Raspberry Lipstick Lip Swatch

The pigmentation of this lipsticks is what surprised me the most. This lipstick has the perfect amount of pigment. It’s definitely not sheer at all. Even though I prefer sheer lipsticks, I really like the look of this as well. I think the color is very pretty and I absolutely love the finish. I like how it doesn’t accentuate my dry lips at all. It actually covers it up pretty well. Besides that I feel like the texture is super nice. This lipstick actually feels pretty moisturizing on the lips. It almost feels like a thick lipbalm!

Over all I am kind of impressed by this lipstick. I didn’t have very high expectations so it wasn’t too difficult to be better than what I expected, but still I think Natural Collection did a good job. I am in love with the texture and the pigmentation of this lipstick and I love that it doesn’t feel super heavy or tacky. I really like it!

The Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick is available at Boots for £1,99.

That was it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you are familiar with this brand!

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