Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Trend Edition Sheer Lipbalms

Essence LE Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Sheer Lipbalms

Last Friday night my sister and I went shopping. We went to lots of different places and unexpectedly I ended up buying quite a few things. One of the things I am most excited about are the lipsticks I bought from the new Essence trend edition, called Happy Girls Are Pretty. Because the lipsticks, or as Essence calls them sheer lipbalms are limited edition I decided to test them and write a review about them as soon as possible. And today is the day. If you’re interested in finding out more about these two gorgeous sheer lipbalms, keep on reading!

Essence Happy Girls Are The Prettiest LE

The main reason why I love the LE collections from Essence (and Catrice) so much is because the products come in extra pretty or cute packagings. All products from this collection looked absolutely adorable. The lipsticks come in thin long packagings. They look really similar to the packagings from the Like An Unforgettable Kiss LE from quite a while ago. I really like packagings like that actually. I do have to say that they do feel kind of cheap and plasticy, but it doesn’t bother me.

There were two shades of lipstick available, 01 Pretty You! and 02 Live, Laugh, Love And Repeat. At first I wanted to buy only one of the two, but because they are both really pretty and I’m very indecisive I ended up buying both shades.

Essence LE Sheer Lipbalm Pretty You Packaging

Let’s start off with the first color, 01 Pretty You! Pretty you is the darkest color out of the two. It comes in a packaging which has the same color as the lipstick itself. The color is really pretty and perfect for fall and winter. I would describe the color as a darker nude color with a touch of brown and a touch of mauve. I really like it, it’s very unique in my opinion.

Because it’s a sheer lipbalm this product doesn’t only add color to the lips, it also adds moisture. On the back of the packaging Essence gives us a bit of extra information about the product. It says the following:

“Brilliant lipstick providing a hint of colour and a smooth feeling on the lips”

I think it’s funny how on the front it says it’s a sheer lipbalm, and on the back it says it’s a lipstick. In my opinion it’s more like a lipstick than a sheer lipbalm. That because when you hear the words ‘sheer lipbalm’ you would expect it to be not pigmented at all and just moisturizing, but in fact this product is really pigmented.

Essence LE Sheer Lipbalms Pretty You! Color

Essence LE Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Lipswatch Pretty You!

When it comes to the smooth feelings on the lips part from the claim, I have to say I totally agree. I honestly think this is one of the most comfortable lipsticks to wear. It honestly feels like a lipbalm. It’s not heavy, it’s not thick, it’s not sticky but it is moisturizing. Besides that I also love how pigmented this lipstick is. To me it doesn’t look like the pigmentation a sheer lipbalm would have at all. I’m impressed!

Another thing I love about this lipstick is the finish. It’s not super matte, but it’s also not really shiny. It’s a nice balance between the two.

Essence LE Sheer Lipbalm Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat Packaging

The second color, 02 Live, Laugh, Love And Repeat is a little more wearable than the other one. This is a very pretty neutral pink color. I didn’t think about it at the moment I bought it, but this could definitely be the perfect everyday pink color that I have been looking for for ages now. It’s not too pale, it’s not too dark and it’s not too pink. I would be so happy if this turns out to be the perfect everyday color for me. In that case I wish I can get my hands on another one so I have a back up!

Packaging wise it’s pretty much the same as the other one. The only difference is that this one has a slightly lighter pink color.

Essence LE Sheer Lipbalms Live Laugh Love and Repeat

Essence LE Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Lipswatch Live, Laugh, Love and Repeat

Well, I could ramble on and on about lots of different things regarding this lipstick at this point, but all I really want to say right now is: I FINALLY FOUND THE ONE! I only realized this at the point I looked in the mirror from a distance after applying it to take a lip swatch. I thought “wow, this looks actually like a perfect pink”. I took a few more looks at it and then I was a 100% sure, this is it. This is the perfect neutral everyday pink that looks good with any look, which is perfect for every occasion and which I will wear until it’s finished.

It just has the right amount of pigmentation, it has that perfect not too shiny, not too matte finish and it feels absolutely amazing on the lips. I can’t say anything but I love it when it comes to this lipstick. It really is the one for me.

Essence Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Lipsticks

So, I think I don’t really need to clarify how I like this product anymore. I think it’s pretty clear that I am in love with these two lipsticks! The colors are fabulous, the texture is amazing and they just look absolutely gorgeous on the lips. I love both color a lot, but I have to say that 02 Live, Laugh, Love And Repeat is my absolute favorite. I’m so glad that I finally found the perfect everyday pink color. I love it!

The Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty Trend Edition Sheer Lipbalms are available at the drugstore for €2,39.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading this review as much as I enjoyed writing it and be sure to let me know if you have tried anything from this LE collection yet!

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