MAC Lipstick Coral Bliss

MAC Coral Bliss Box

For as long as I can remember, MAC lipsticks have been one of the most popular lipsticks ever. They never go out of style and they are almost always amazing, according to the reviews I have read. I personally never really felt the need to buy one because until a year ago I wasn’t a lip product person at all. But this year I have been loving lipstick. I have been buying lots of them and I have been wearing a lot of lipstick. And because I started liking lipstick more and more, the urge to buy a MAC lipstick grew. I swatched a few, I thought about it and after a good night sleep I realized it. I had to buy a MAC lipstick and so I did. Today it’s time for me to review it. If you’re curious to find out whether MAC lipsticks are actually worth the hype, whether they are actually good or not and more, keep on reading!

MAC Lipstick Packaging

Coral Bliss Lipstick

First things first, the packaging. I think we makeup lovers are all familiar with the MAC lipstick packagings, the black bullet shaped lipsticks. I always thought the MAC packagings were just plain black, but I was wrong. It’s not. It has some sort of subtle shimmer to it. It’s not super clear, you do have to look closely to see it, but it does have this kind of subtle sheen to it which makes it a little extra special. But overall I do think the packaging is a bit simple and boring. Because all MAC packagings are like that it doesn’t bother me, it does look somewhat professional, but I do prefer somewhat more exciting packagings like the Too Faced packagings for example.

While swatching some shades of lipstick at Harrods I came across this gorgeous color called “Sunny Seoul”. I really, really liked it. It was a very pretty peachy/coral shade, which did look wearable, but it wasn’t basic and plain. Basically the perfect color for me. But because I wasn’t sure about it at the time I didn’t buy it. I actually bought mine at the airport, where they didn’t have Sunny Seoul. The MAC lady asked me kindly if I wanted to see some other similar shades instead or if I wanted to buy it elsewhere. I ended up asking her to show me some other colors and I bought Coral Bliss. Another gorgeous coral wearable but fun color.

MAC Coral Bliss

I have been on the hunt for the perfect everyday lipstick for a while. I  have bought so many pink shades that looked perfect, but ended up being too pale that I gave up on that. Instead I wanted to try coral shades. Maybe that just looks better on me. Who knows? Coral Bliss seemed like a perfect candidate to me. It’s coral and it’s not too orange for me and besides that it’s a very happy and cheerful color. I like that a lot.

The special thing about MAC lipsticks is that they have different types of finishes, they are categorized that way. I really like that they do that because if you find a finish you love, you know where to look. Coral Bliss has a cremesheen finish. I didn’t really look at that when I bought it, but after doing some research on the internet I found out what that actually means.

Coral Bliss

Cremesheen lipsticks are creamy, have a soft shine and full coverage. I think that’s a perfect description of what this lipstick is. The lipstick is indeed pretty creamy. It’s nice to apply and doesn’t feel dry at all. It’s not the lipbalm feeling, but it does have a slight lipbalm like feeling. Most lipsticks that are like that never really last long, and therefore I expected this one to be like that too.

And that’s were I was wrong. Not just wrong, dead wrong. Even though this lipstick is creamy and has a soft shine to it, it actually lasts a few hours. I haven’t experienced this with any other lipstick yet and I think that that is why MAC lipsticks are so popular. They last! I applied this lipstick in the morning at about 10 am and I went to work. Of course at work you have to talk, I even drank two glasses of soda and at about half past 4 I went home. I didn’t think my lipstick was still on my lips because you don’t really feel it’s there, but when I looked in the mirror I saw that the lipstick was actually still there. Of course it was a little less intense than it was when I just applied it, but it was there and I hadn’t even reapplied it. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is.

MAC Coral Bliss Lipswatch

The pigmentation is pretty great too. It has the perfect amount of coverage and even though it’s pretty pigmented, it doesn’t feel like a thick and heavy lipstick on the lips. As I told you guys in my little story above, at the end of the day I couldn’t really feel it anymore, but it was actually still there. I really like that about it. That makes it even more perfect, because that way people who do like lipstick but don’t like the feeling can still wear this one!

MAC Coral Bliss Packaging

So I think it’s clear, I think MAC lipsticks are worth the hype and I know why they have been so popular for such a long time now. I think the quality is just amazing. These lipsticks stay in place so well, the pigmentation is so nice and the texture is absolutely amazing. Besides that I’m really glad I got Coral Bliss because I think it’s absolutely stunning and it’s definitely a color I would wear on a daily basis. I highly, highly recommend it! (Spoiler alert: I already bought my second MAC lipstick!).

MAC lipsticks are available at the MAC counters and online for €19,50.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have ever used a MAC lipstick before and if so, why do you think they are this popular?!

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