Next Make Me Beautiful Eyeshadow Quad

NEXT Eyeshadow Quad Packaging

A few months ago I came across a webshop from a clothing store from the UK  called Next. I stumbled upon their makeup collection and I fell in love. There was one product I wanted to have so bad in particular, the eyeshadow quad. It seemed like the perfect eyeshadow quad for an everyday natural glowy look. So when I went to London I visited Next and bought the palette. Today I’ll be reviewing it for you guys. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, keep on reading!

Next Eyeshadows

The quad comes in a very pretty packaging. I really like the look of it. The lining is silver and the middle part is clear. The letters on the packaging are silver as well. The combination of the silver and the clear plastic is just really pretty and gives the packaging a glamorous touch. Besides the fact that it’s pretty, I also love it when packagings are (partly) clear because you can see the product without opening the packaging.

On the back of the packaging Next gives us some more information on the product. It says the following:

“This beautiful eyeshadow quad contains four perfectly matched, high pay off eyeshadows. Formulated to illuminate eyes, use these versatile colours wet or dry to create a natural daytime look or a night time smokey eye.”

That does sound pretty promising.

NEXT Eyeshadow Quad

So, like you probably already know by now, this palette contains four different colors of eyeshadow. The shadows are all baked and pretty big. I really like how much product you get. As it already said on the back, the four shades are well matched. They all look very good in combination with each other. That is quite obvious when you buy an eyeshadow palette/quad/trio/duo, but it’s not always that way.

Another thing I really like about the palette is that you can create both natural looks as well as smokey and more intense looks with it. If you just use the pink and the medium brown color you could create a perfect everyday look for school or work. If you prefer more intense looks for during the day you could darken it up with the slightly darker brown. And if you’re going out or if you’re like me and you just love going all out with your eyeshadow on an everyday basis, you can use the darkest shade as well to create a gorgeous smokey look.

Next Eyeshadow Palette

Because these eyeshadows are baked you can use them both wet and dry. I personally prefer using them dry because I’m honestly just way too lazy to wet my brush every morning before using this. Besides that I think the shadows are pigmented enough when you use them dry. Another reason why I prefer using them dry is because there is a chance that if you use them wet the eyeshadow will become hard. I don’t really know how this works exactly, but I experienced it and if that happens using the eyeshadow will suck.

When it comes to the lasting power of these eyeshadows I’m pretty positive. If you’re using an eyeshadow primer and a cream base like I usually do these eyeshadows stay in place pretty much all day. They won’t crease and they won’t lose their intensity. You don’t have to worry about them at all once they’re applied.

Next Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

Pigmentation wise I’m very impressed. I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean, it’s an eyeshadow palette from a clothing store, you can’t expect too much of it right? But Next showed me you actually can. These eyeshadows are all perfectly pigmented and very soft. They aren’t crumbly at all and I have never experienced any kind of fall out while using these shadows. I absolutely love them!

Over all I’m very positive. I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up really liking this little quad. I think Next has quite an impressive makeup collection, this quad definitely proved that. I’m pretty excited to try more products from them in the future!

The Next Make Me Beautiful Eyeshadow Quad is available at Next for £7,50.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have ever tried anything from Next!

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