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MAC Lovelorn Packagings

MAC lipsticks are like tattoo’s. It’s starts off with just one lipstick and you end up with a lot of them. Back in London I bought my first ever MAC lipstick, and only a month later I decided I wanted another one. At first I didn’t get why everyone was so in love with them, but now I tried one I totally get it. They are absolutely amazing. After looking around for a while I came across this gorgeous color called “Lovelorn”. It was love at first sight. Today it’s time for me to review it. If you’re interested in finding out whether I love this lipstick as much as my other MAC lipstick, keep on reading!

MAC Lovelorn Box

MAC Lovelorn Name

The MAC lipsticks always come in a basic black box. Even though it’s pretty basic I do really like it. It adds a bit of luxury in my opinion. The packaging is of the lipstick is exactly the same as all other MAC lipsticks and I like the look of that as well. On the bottom of the box and the lipstick it tells you which color you are dealing with, in my case that’s Lovelorn.

On the bottom of the lipstick it also says which finish the lipstick has. My first MAC lipstick was a Cremesheen, which I really liked, and this one has a Lustre finish. Lipsticks with a Lustre finish are sheer, glossy and very comfortable to wear. They don’t stay on your lips as long as the Cremesheen lipsticks do, but they do stain a little so your lips are still slightly tinted even when the lipstick is gone already.

MAC Lovelorn Shade

I was on the hunt for a perfect everyday nude pink color. At first Lovelorn might not look like a perfect fit for that, but after I swatched it I realized it could be actually  be the perfect everyday nude color for me. Because it’s a Lustre, Lovelorn isn’t extremely pigmented and thick. It wouldn’t say it’s like a tinted lipbalm or a lipgloss because it is more than that and the pigmentation is better than that, but it does feel like a lipbalm on the lips.

The main reason why all potential perfect everyday nude pinks didn’t end up being an actual perfect everyday nude pink is because they always ended up looking too pale on my lips. Lovelorn however has a bit more purple in it than the colors I would usually pick out, which I was hoping would make the difference between the perfect everyday nude and the too pale pinks I’ve tried.

MAC Lovelorn Color

MAC Lovelorn Lipswatch

As you can tell from the picture Lovelorn is indeed (for me) the perfect everyday pink. It’s a bit more on the rosy side, which I really like and it makes my lips look a lot prettier. I also really like the way it feels and looks on my lips. It’s a nice and buttery lipstick and it feels pretty moisturizing. The lipstick has a nice sheen to it, but it’s not too much. I also like the pigmentation of the lipstick. On the internet I read that Lustre lipsticks have medium to light coverage, but honestly I don’t think that’s true at all. The pigmentation of the lipstick is absolutely perfect. It covers up my lips really nicely. I wouldn’t call it full coverage, but it’s not a sheer lipstick either. It’s something in between and I really like that about it.

The staying power of the lipstick is a little less impressive than the staying power of Coral Bliss (cremesheen), but it’s still pretty good. This lipstick stays in place for a good 3-4 hours which is way longer than the average lipstick.

MAC Lovelorn

Yup, I found another favorite. A favorite which will probably become a holy grail of mine. I am so glad I finally found the perfect everyday lipstick which is not too pale, not too out there and has a nice texture. The lipstick is also very comfortable to wear and it looks good with every single look I have ever created. MAC lipsticks are quite pricey, but I think they are absolutely worth it!

The MAC Lipstick in Lovelorn is available at MAC counters and online for €19,50.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which MAC lipstick is your absolute favorite!

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  1. Wat een heerlijke kleur, en hij staat je ook megagoed gewoon! Zeker een kleur die ik in mijn stash zou willen hebben.


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