Collective Haul (Incl. BH Cosmetics, Zoella, Ebay & More!)

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Shopping is what I love most. I love shopping, especially beauty shopping and I do it quite often. Throughout the past two months I have bought and ordered quite a lot of products. At first I didn’t think it would be enough for a full on haul, but when I put everything together I realized it’s way, way more than I expected. Today it’s time to show you guys everything I’ve bought in the past two months. Be sure to click that continue reading button if you’re excited to see everything I bought!

Washi Tape Lots

Let’s start this haul off with a lot of washi tape. A few years ago I discovered washi tape. A decorational tape that you can use for lots and lots of things. Because it’s becoming more and more popular there are lots of different ones available everywhere. My favorite ones are from Hema. The first pile of washi tapes are all from Hema. Most are from the sale department and were only €1,00 for two rolls. I could not not buy them!

The second pile consists out of washi tapes I got at Action. Action is a budget store that sells basically everything including washi tape. They come in sets of three and are only €0,79. That’s just insane and irresistible.

The last three washi tapes are from Ebay. The big role with the blue, white and red stripes is from this seller and costed me only $0,99. The other two washi tapes are already two of my favorites and are from this seller. These two washi tapes are also only $0,99 each.

Tanya Burr Nail Polish & Seche Vite

Next up are two products I’ve ordered from the webshop It’s one of my favorite Dutch beauty webshops and because I passed my drivers exam I decided I could order some products for myself. The first product I bought is a nail polish by Tanya Burr. It’s still in the old packaging and it was on sale for pretty cheap. I don’t know the exact prices anymore, but it was somewhere between the 2 and 3 Euro’s.

The second product I ordered was on sale as well. It’s the Seche Vite Rebuild polish. I struggle with fragile nails and ridges a lot so I decided this product would be worth the try. It was only €2,99 for 14 ml so that’s not bad at all. I’m really excited to see how this works out for me!

Eyeshadow Pan & Sleek Blush Flushed

Next up is a Boozyshop Single Eyeshadow. It’s a single eyeshadow pan which you can put in an empty palette. I mainly bought it because I think this color is the perfect medium brown transition color which I use a lot. It’s called Wheat. I have been using this a lot lately! It’s absolutely amazing.

I also ordered another Sleek Blush in the color Flushed. I already own a Sleek blush in the color Life’s A Peach and I have the Face Form palette and because I love those so much I decided I wanted to have another one. Flushed is the most gorgeous plum/berry shade in the world. I love it!


Because my order was above €35 I got a tiny travel size Boozybrush for free. It’s their pencil brush. I already own a few of the Boozybrushes and I really like them so I’m glad I got this little travel sized one. I really like it!

Lastly from Boozyshop I got this BH Cosmetics brush set. I have always wanted to have a brush set that comes with a round holder like this (it has a lid as well) because it’s perfect for traveling and I just like the look of it. It set was pretty affordable and contains 15 high quality brushes. I absolutely love this set!

Zoella Beauty Products

Back in London I bought the Zoella Beauty Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion and the Candy Cream Softening body lotion. Because I liked the way they worked so much and because I loved the smell I decided to order three more products from the Zoella beauty range. The first product I bought is the body mist/perfume from Zoella’s first beauty collection. It’s definitely a scent you can wear for every occasion. I really like it.

Besides that I also bought two shower gels. The first one is Soak Opera. It’s from the first range and it comes in a huge bottle. I really like the design! The other shower gel is from the second collection. This one is a little sweeter and fresher than Soak Opera and I love it a lot as well!


Next up are a few random products. The first one is the Nivea Men Sensitive Aftershave Balm. I’ve already written a review about it and I love, love, love this. This is definitely my new holy grail primer. It’s amazing, I’ve literally never tried anything as amazing as this before!

From Ebay I ordered an empty spray bottle. This because I’m running out of my Sephora Brush Cleanser and I wanted to buy one from Hema, but since that one doesn’t come in a spray bottle and it’s way easier to use when it’s in a spray bottle I ordered this. It’s from this seller and it costs $0,76.

Next up is an eyeshadow palette by Wet ‘n Wild. Wet ‘n Wild isn’t an easily available brand in the Netherlands, so when I saw it at Action for only €0,89 I knew I had to buy it. I’m really excited to see if it’s as amazing as everyone claims it is!

The last product from this picture is this really adorable mini nail polish. It’s waterbased and it’s in a very pretty lilac shade. I bought this from this Ebay seller for only $0,90. I’m really excited to find out if it’s any good.

Pretty Notebooks


When I went shopping in Den Bosch with my sister I came across these adorable little notebooks from Hema. They look so fancy and pretty. I had to buy them. Because I’m a notebook addict I bought quite a few. The first one with the bunnies is my favorite, which is why I actually bought two of those. They were all very affordable and I can’t wait to use all of them!

Planner Stickers & Pencil Case

Next up is this very cute pencil/makeup pouch from Ebay. I really like the color and the foxes are absolutely adorable. When I ordered it I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it yet, but I’m currently using it as a little makeup pouch for in my school bag. It’s from this seller and it’s only $0,99.

Because I have a pretty busy life at the moment I’m quite into planning. To make planning a little more fun I decided to buy these super adorable rainbow colored heart stickers from this seller on Ebay and these red heart shaped stickers from Flying Tiger. I think they’re absolutely adorable!


This purchase is a little less exciting for me. I ordered a set of 8 smokey colored pigments off of Ebay and I ended up with these bright colored shades. I contacted the seller and got a part of my money back, but for some reason he said he couldn’t send me the right shades. I’m kind of disappointed because I was really excited to work with the pigments. These pigments are from this seller and cost $2,78.

Pen & Markers

Next up is another mustache pen. I already own one of these and because I love that one so, so much I decided to buy another one. I don’t know why, but these pens write so, so nicely and my handwriting looks way better when I use it. This pen costs $0,99 and is from this seller.

I also bought those metallic colored marker pens. I thought these would be really nice to use for studying. I bought two colors; pink and bronze. I really like both of them! The markers are from this seller and cost $0,90 each.

Paperclips & Washi Tape

Next up is some more stationary. I bought these big metal paper clips from Hema. They came in a pack of 8 for only €1. But because I’m extreme like that I also ordered a pack of 15 mini metal paper clips from this seller from Ebay for $1,04.

If you thought I already bought enough washi tape, you’re wrong! I bought more. I bought this gorgeous glittery pink washi tape from this seller for $0,75. I think this is one of my absolute favorite washi tapes ever. It’s absolutely stunning! I really like it!

Origins & Nail Polish

Back to beauty again. On the Douglas webshop I came across this travel size jar Origins Ginzing moisturizer. It contains 30 ml and costs only €9. Because Origins is a good brand and I felt like this moisturizer could be a good one for me I decided to order it. I’m going to review this pretty soon, but I can tell you already that I absolutely love it!

At Etos I came across this really pretty pink nail polish by OPI. It’s called Kiss Me I’m Brazilian and it was love at first sight. This nail polish is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the perfect pink color. And to make it even better it was on sale for only €6. I could not resist that!

At Action I came across two more really pretty nail polishes. The first one is this really pretty purple polish by Maybelline and the other one is a gorgeous bright red by Rimmel. They were both very affordable and therefore definitely worth the try!

NEW Essence & Catrice Collection Makeup

Essence and Catrice recently launched their new fall/winter collections. Even though I’m usually not a big fan of Essence and Catrice, was still pretty excited to buy some of the new (and a few of the old) products. The first product I bought is not new, but really pretty. It’s a very pretty purply gray color. I have nothing like this yet so I decided to take it with me.

The next product is from the new collection, it’s the Essence Sheer & Shine lipstick in a gorgeous berry shade. I thought it would be the perfect fall/winter color and it definitely is. I really like it!

Another product from the new collection is the Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer. I read a few positive reviews about it and I decided I wanted to give it a try. I’m going to review this pretty soon, so stay tuned if you’re interested in finding out what I think of it.

Next up is a gorgeous highlighter and a very pretty blush by Catrice. The highlighter is from the new range and looked just absolutely stunning to me and the blush was already there, but because I read a few positive reviews about it I just really wanted to give it a try.

Essence & Catrice Eyeshadow Palette

Lastly from the new Essence & Catrice collections I bought two eyeshadow palettes. The first one is the All About Bronze palette by Essence and the other one is the Chocolate Nudes by Catrice. I really like both of them and I’m excited to give them a try.


As you might have noticed in the past few months I’ve become quite a big lipstick/lip product junkie. Therefore it’s not weird that during the past few months I’ve bought quite a few new lip products. First off all I bought a new MAC lipstick in the color Lovelorn. I review this two days ago, so check that out if you want to know more about it and see swatches!

I also bought two new Baby Lips. I didn’t know there were new Baby Lips available, but I was happy to find that out. The green one is slightly tinted and the blue one is just clear. I absolutely love Baby Lips so I’m excited to find out if these are just as amazing as the other Baby Lips!

Because I was on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick I bought a lipstick from the nudes range by Essence. It’s in the color Cool Nude and it’s very different from the colors I would usually wear. Even though it’s pretty different, I do think it’s a very pretty and special color.

Another nude colored lipstick I bought is Silk by BE Creative Makeup. This is a very pale nude color, that could either be horrible or perfect. There’s no in between. I really hope this lipstick will end up looking stunning on me!

The last lip product I bought is a lip crayon from Ebay in a super pretty bright red color. I don’t own a lot of reds so I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to enlarge my collection. I really love lip crayons because I feel like they’re super easy to use and they feel really nice on the lips, so I’m excited to find out if this one is like that too! I bought it from this seller for $0,99.

Nail Tools & Travallo

Next up is this travalo look a like thingy from Ebay. Travalo’s are little perfume bottles for in your purse which you can fill with a perfume of choice. Because they are pretty expensive I decided to buy the Ebay version. This one is only $1,05 and is from this seller.

Another item I ordered from Ebay is this metal cuticle pusher tool. I don’t have one yet and I figured I do need one. This one is from this seller and costs $0,75.

Another nail tool I bought is this glass nail file. I read that glass nail files are way better for your nails and since I’m trying to take care of my nails I decided to buy it. The colors are sent randomly and I ended up getting the blue one. I’ve used it a couple of times now and I have to say I really like it. It’s way better than normal nail files. I bought the file from this seller for $0,75.


Besides stationary, nail tools and beauty products I also bought two pieced of jewelry. Both are from Ebay. The first piece of jewelry I bought are these gorgeous crystal earrings. They look absolutely stunning. The earrings are from this seller and cost $0,99.

The second piece of jewelry I got is this gorgeous dainty bracelet with really pretty white pearls and gold details. I think it’s a very nice and classy piece and I think it looks really good with lots of outfits. The bracelet comes from this seller and costs $0,75.


My last Ebay purchase is this brown storage container. I feel like containers like this always come in handy and therefore I ordered this one. It’s from this seller and it costs only $0,99.

Dresslink Bag

Dresslink Shirts

And lastly Dresslink sent me three items from their webshop. The first item is this really big black shoulder bag. It’s a nice bag to take with you when you go shopping or for school. I really like it!

The second item I got is this adorable white little tee. It says “plants are friends” and it has a few adorable plants on it. I really love cute tshirts like this and I wear them a lot. The fabric is really nice and soft. I’m pretty impressed with the quality! The last item they sent me is another white tshirt with a hat and a mustache on it. This one is made out of really nice and soft fabric as well and it’s very easy to style. I like it!

And that was it! It was quite a lot, I know, but I’m really glad I got all of these products. Let me know which beauty products you want me to review and which Ebay purchase you like the most!

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9 thoughts on “Collective Haul (Incl. BH Cosmetics, Zoella, Ebay & More!)

  1. Hi Nicole, great post! I really like everything that you chose. I would like to see a review on the concealer, brushes and MAC lipstick. I would really like to buy that Wet and Wild palette too. Please review that too. How do you put in the links to the sellers into your posts? I still have not figured out how to do that. Are there directions somewhere on Please advise. I think that you are doing a great job for someone starting out in blogging like me. We need to help each other. I think that it is neat that we both live in Europe. Are you from London? Cynthia


  2. OMG im loving everything you’ve got!
    Congratulations on passing your drivers exam. I’m currently revising for my own one.
    The Catrice products look absolutely amazing. Its a shame they arent sold in the UK!
    Could you possibly do reviews on some of the stuff you brought, would love to see swatches on them


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