Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Minimizing Primer

Primer is an essential part of my makeup routine. I use one every single day. A while ago I reviewed the Nivea Men After Shave Balm, which I use as a primer. In that review I told you guys how amazing it was and how much I love it. I have to say that I still really, really love it and that I haven’t used anything else since I found out about that, but before I found out about that I did. I tried out the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, and since I hadn’t reviewed that one yet I decided to do that today. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not I ended up liking it and whether or not it’s as amazing as the Nivea Balm, keep on reading!

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer Tube

The Maybelline Baby Skin Primer comes in a teeny tiny blue tube. It’s so much smaller in real life than I expected it to be. It’s about 10 cm long and contains 22 ml of product. Compared to the Nivea Aftershave Balm that’s already one point lost, since that one contains 100 ml (and is even cheaper). But, considering the fact that you don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face, I don’t think it’s too bad this tube only contains 22 ml of product.

When it comes to the packaging itself I am really positive. I really like the look of it. I like the baby blue colour in combination with the pink and I love the playful font they used. I think the packaging looks really cute, fun and girly and to me that’s quite an important feature as well.

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer Back

I have to say that Maybelline doesn’t tell us a lot about this primer on the back of the tube. I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, so I decided to just accept it. What it does say is that this primer will instantly erase your pores and that it creates smooth-looking skin.

I have to say that I do agree with it, but not fully. I agree with the smooth skin part. The product will in fact make your skin feel and look pretty smooth and evened out, but I’m not sure if it actually erases the appearance of my pores. I’m not even sure if I have large, visible pores in the first place, so therefore I feel like I can’t really tell if they are actually gone after using this.

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer Swatch

The product itself is pretty similar to most primers I’ve used. It’s a clear, gelly, silicone-y consistency. I have mixed feelings about primers like that. The positive thing is that they make your skin feel really, really smooth and soft. The negative part however is that it for some reason just doesn’t go with my moisturiser (it creates these really weird rolls of product) and it makes me feel kind of greasy. Besides that I’m also pretty sure it’s not as good for your skin as for example the Nivea Aftershave Balm, since that has no silicones or other weird ingredients in it.

But, most importantly, does it extend the staying power of my makeup? I can be quick about that; it does. It does make my makeup stay in place for about 10 hours. However, this primer won’t be able to protect my makeup from humid weather/sweatiness and rain, which is something the Nivea Aftershave Balm is capable of.

Maybelline Baby Skin

Over all I think the Maybelline Baby Skin primer is a perfectly fine primer. If I wouldn’t have had the Nivea Aftershave Balm I’m pretty sure this would’ve been one of my faves. But knowing there’s something better out there which makes my skin feel better, which makes my makeup stay in place longer and which is in fact way more affordable, I’m not a too big fan.

The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer is available at the drugstore for £7,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which primer you love most!

Naamloos 8

6 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

  1. Hi Nicole, I tried the Nivea balm and it did work as a primer. My foundation stayed in perfect condition all day long. It did not break up at all, or wear off in any area. This is a great fix. I haven’t tried many primers, but this seems to do the trick. Thanks for the tip. Please e mail me when you can. I would really like to ask you a few things about blogging. Thanks!


  2. Altijd als ik dit product zie vind ik hem er zo leuk uitzien. Maar inderdaad: als een ander product een betere werking heeft dan snap ik dat je liever terugvalt op dat product, ondanks dat dit wel een fijn product is.


  3. I’ve been using it for a while now and it does the job pretty good. I want to try out Benefit Porefessional because I’ve heard comparison between these two!


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