Catrice Highlighting Powder

Catrice Highlighting Powder Packaging

Catrice recently updated their entire collection, which is something they do every half year. This time they added a completely new product to their collection, a highlighter. Because I love highlighters I decided to give it a try. Would this be an amazing budget proof highlighter, or an amazing fail? If you’re interested in finding out the answer to that question, keep on reading!

Catrice Highlight Powder

The highlighting powder comes in a relatively small round packaging, made out of clear plastic. I like the over all look of it. Even though I’m not a huge fan of transparent packagings, I don’t hate them. It does look pretty clean and it doesn’t look super cheap either. The text on the fron is silver and is written in a pretty basic font. I personally love it when packagings have all kinds of fun fonts, so I do think that’s Catrice could work on, but since it’s just the packaging, I don’t think it’s that important.

When it comes to the size of the packaging I’m pretty positive too. Even though it’s not as big as most other highlighters I own, I don’t mind it. I like that it’s this small because it doesn’t take in a lot of space and the amount of product will last you forever anyway.

Catrice Highlighting Powder

There are two different shades of highlighter available. A yellow toned one, which is the one I have and a pinky toned one. I like that they came with two different toned highlighter since this way most people will be able to use at least one of the two. The yellow toned one I bought is called Champagne Campaign.

Champagne Campaign is, as I mentioned before, a yellow toned highlighter. Even though I’m not 100% sure of it, I would say it’s a warm toned product. I feel like highlighters like this one go with almost every look you can possibly create, which I feel isn’t the case with the pinky toned one.

Catrice Highlighting Powder Close Up

Catrice Highlighting Powder Swatch

The main reason why I think budget highlighters aren’t that amazing is because I feel like the shine they add to your skin is either not there or just not pretty. Even though this one looked pretty promising in the packaging, I still kind of expected it to be like most other budget highlighters I’ve tried. Luckily Catrice proved me wrong. This highlighter exceeded my expectations. Besides the fact that it has the perfect amount of pigmentation, it actually adds a glow to my skin.

However, the shine it does add to my skin is pretty settle and not super special. I’m not trying to say that I want my highlighter to be super duper obvious and I don’t want an extreme amount of shine on my face at all, but compared to the MUA highlighters and the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish I own, it’s just not that special.

Catrice Highlighting Powder Pattern

Over all I think that the Catrice Highlighting Powder is a great addition to their collection. For the price you pay I definitely think it’s a great product, but I just don’t think it’s super special. I feel like whenever I apply a highlighter I should feel like “wow” and that’s something I didn’t really experience with this product.

The Catrice Highlighting Powder is available at the drugstore for €3,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know what your favourite highlighter is!

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