MUA Lipstick in Tulip

MUA Lipstick Tulip

A few months ago, maybe even a year I came across a picture on Instagram of a girl wearing a gorgeous lip colour. I loved it so much that I decided to ask which lipstick it was she was wearing on that picture and she responded that it was Tulip by MUA. From that day on I knew it was my job, my destiny to buy Tulip. I do have to admit that it took me quite a while, but it’s here. I finally got my hands on it and today I’ll be reviewing it. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not Tulip is as amazing as I thought it was when I saw it on Instagram or not, keep on reading!

MUA Lipstick Packaging

The MUA lipsticks all come in pretty basic packagings. Most of it is black, it has shiny silver details and on the bottom is a clear part with a thingy in it that is the same colour as the lipstick. Even though it’s basic and lots of brands have lipstick packagings like this one, I do kind of like it. I especially like the fact that you can see the colour of the lipstick without opening up the entire tube, it’s just pretty practical.

The colour Tulip is a very pretty pink colour with a teeny tiny hint of lilac, but for the most part is seems to be the perfect everyday pink colour, which is why I wanted it so bad. Now that I’m taking a closer look at the colour, I do feel like it’s kind of similar to my beloved MAC lipstick in Lovelorn, it’s just a bit brighter.

MUA Lipstick Shade

Even though I already found a perfect everyday pink lipstick, I’m still hoping this could be the perfect everyday pink too. Mainly because my favourite everyday pink is a limited edition lipstick and because it’s always nice to have more of what you love, right? Sadly I quickly discovered that this isn’t it.

Even though it’s a gorgeous pink colour and it’s definitely a colour I would wear a lot, it’s not a perfect everyday pink for me. Lipsticks tend to look pretty extreme on my lips. My lips are not pigmented at all, which has some pro’s and cons. The main con is that almost every colour looks super unnatural on me, which makes it super hard to find the perfect everyday pink.

MUA Lipstick Color

Even though it’s not the perfect everyday pink, it’s not necessarily a bad lipstick or an ugly colour. In fact, I really love Tulip. I think it’s the perfect spring lip colour. It’s very fresh and full of excitement, which to me really represents spring. Even though it’s autumn now and not spring, I still think it’s really pretty and I still get quite a lot of wear out of it now.

Quality wise this lipstick didn’t let me down at all. MUA is quite an affordable brand and since this lipstick was extremely affordable I didn’t expect too much, but because it’s MUA I would still be disappointed if this product would end up being crappy.

MUA Lipstick Tulip Lip Swatch

Luckily for me that’s not what happened at all. In fact, this lipstick turned out to be amazing. The pigmentation is amazing, the texture is super nice and creamy and the lipstick does stay in place for a decent amount of time. I’m pretty impressed!

Over all I think Tulip is quite an amazing lipstick. Even though it’s not what I hoped it would be colour wise, I still really like the colour. Besides that I also really like the texture and the creamy finish. I already loved MUA a lot, but because of this lipstick I love them even more!

The MUA Lipstick in Tulip is available at Superdrug and online for €2,49/£1,00.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which budget proof lipstick you really like!

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8 thoughts on “MUA Lipstick in Tulip

  1. Ik heb ooit één lipstick gekocht van MUA en die was echt gortdroog en door de grove glitters echt niet mooi aan te brengen! 🙂 Ik durf het dus nooit zo goed aan om er nog eentje van te proberen!


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