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For a while I have been on the hunt for a good base- and topcoat for my nails. I tried many, but most of them were just plain horrible. Then I read something about the Maybelline Dr. Rescue nail products. When I saw them at first they didn’t really impress me, but after reading today article I was pretty curious about them and I decided to give them a try. Today I’ll be reviewing two products from this range. If you’re interested in finding out if I finally found a good base- and topcoat for my nails, keep on reading!

Maybelline Dr. Rescue All In One

Let’s start off with the Dr. Rescue All In One. This product claims to be a base, a topcoat and a nail strengthener in one. Even though you can use it as a topcoat, I mainly use it as a base coat and nail strengthener, since I prefer the look of the other product that I bought from this range as a top coat. But over all, I think it’s pretty convenient to have an all in one product like this.

Packaging wise I’m not sure whether or not I like this product. I think the letters look pretty cute and playful, but when I looked at them back when I didn’t know how amazing they were, they didn’t look that appealing to me. I don’t what it is about them, I usually love the Maybelline Baby Lips packagings, which these are inspired by, but it just didn’t do it for me.

Despite the packaging, when it comes to the way this product works I’m a little more positive. As I mentioned before I mainly used this product as a base coat, so I’m not going to talk a lot about how it works as a top coat and I’m going to focus on this product as a base coat. But before I say anything about it as a base coat, let’s first discuss what I actually expect from a base coat.

Dr. Rescue All In One

To me a base coat is a necessary step in my nail routine. I have lots of ridges and other kinds of ugly jazz going on on my nails, so I really need something to fill that up. I expect a base coat to do that. I expect it to create a nice and even layer on which I can apply my coloured polish without ending up with any imperfections.

If you’d ask me if this particular product succeeded in doing that I would definitely say yes. A base coat doesn’t have to be all kinds of special, but it does have to fill up those ridges and create an even base, and that’s right about what this product did for me. When I use this underneath my nail polish I don’t have to worry about the ridges at all and I love that!

So over all I like this Maybelline Dr. Rescue All In One product quite a lot. It does what I expect from a base coat and that makes it a win for me. If you’re looking for a base coat that’s actually nail strengthening, I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for. It does do something, but it’s not life changing, but if you’re like me and you just want a good base coat, I highly recommend this one!

The Maybelline Dr. Rescue All In One is available at the drugstore for €4,99.

Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat

The next product I’m going to be talking about is the Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat. Gel nails have been hot and happening for quite a while now, especially the kinds which don’t require a UV lamp. One way to achieve that look is by using a gel effect top coat like this one. It’s a little thicker than the usual top coat and it creates a gorgeous amount of shine and that gel like look.

Throughout the years I have changed my mind quite a lot when it comes to using topcoats. I have had phases in which I felt like using a topcoat is a must, but I’ve also gone years without using them. At the moment I always use a topcoat, on top of every single nail polish,

There are two main reasons why I use topcoats. One of those reasons is because I prefer the look of nail polish with a top coat on top. It looks more shiny, when you use this is it has that gel like effect and it looks just a little more put together. The second reason is because it helps my nail polish to dry faster.


The second reason isn’t the case with every topcoat, which is the main reason why most topcoats I’ve tried ended up being a fail. Even though this topcoat doesn’t claim to be quick dry at all, it definitely is. I can polish my nails an hour before I go to bed, using this as a topcoat, and I won’t end up with any ugly marks or dents in my nail polish the next morning, which was always the case back when I didn’t use a topcoat or when I used a different one.

Over all I’m really excited about this topcoat. I’ve been using it a lot ever since I bought it and I haven’t noticed anything bad about it. It’s super quick dry and I just really like the gel effect. This is by far the best topcoat I have ever tried, I highly, highly recommend it!

The Maybelline Dr. Rescue Gel Effect Top Coat is available at the drugstore for €4,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review, and let me know which top and base coat you love using the most!

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