OPI Race Red & Tart Green Apple

OPI Green Apple & Race Red

During autumn and winter I like switching up the colours I wear on my nails. Instead of sky blue colours and bright pinks I like to wear greens, reds and other more autumnal colours. Whilst shopping I came across two very pretty autumn proof colours by OPI and I decided to take them with me. Today I’m going to be reviewing OPI’s Race Red and Tart Green Apple. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

OPI Nail Polish Race Red

OPI Race Red Nail Polish Name

Let’s start off with Race Red. Race Red is a polish from a limited edition collection, which explains the pretty design on the lid. Race Red, at first, seems like a very simple but elegant red colour. Nothing too special about it. But when you take a closer look you’ll find out that it’s actually a little more interesting than that. Instead of being plain red, Race Red has a bit of a orangy undertone which makes it a little more special and interesting to look at.

My favourite thing about OPI nail polishes in general is usually the brush. It’s super easy to work with and it has the perfect amount of hairs. However, this time I didn’t like the brush so much. I don’t really know what caused it, but for some strange reason the brush kept splashing drops of nail polish all over my hands, desk and even a few drops on my face.

OPI Race Red Nail Polish Swatch

The coverage of the polish however is absolutely amazing. I’m not always too positive on that part when it comes to OPI polishes, but this time it impressed me. The polish covered perfectly within two coats and as usual it dried super quickly. I absolutely love that about it!

Because of my job it’s hard for me to test the lasting power since I’m not allowed to wear nail polish at work, so I was only able to wear this polish for three days. I do have to say that during those days it looked absolutely stunning and it didn’t show any sign of chipping or tip wear.

OPI Nail Polish Green Apple

OPI Green Apple Nail Polish Name

The second polish I bought is called Tart Green Apple. Tart Green Apple is a very unique colour, I didn’t have anything like this yet! Tart Green Apple is definitely one of those colours you have to look at very closely to decide which colour it actually is. At first it looked like a kind of yellowy green colour to me, but when I looked at it again I felt like it was more of a fresh green colour, like the colour of a green apple).

A little side note, while searching Google to find out more about Green Apple I found out that Tart Green Apple is the same colour as Did It On ‘Em from the Nicki Minaj limited edition collection. How cool?!

OPI Green Apple Nail Polish Swatch

The texture of this polish was a bit different from what I’m used to. It was a lot more watery than I expected it to be and the coverage wasn’t as impressive either. I applied to coats on the swatch and as you can tell the coverage ain’t bad, but it’s not super opaque. You definitely need three coats to achieve that perfectly polished and opaque look.

All together I really like these two OPI polishes. I feel like both colours are perfect for autumn and winter and I’m pretty sure I’ll wear them quite a lot in the upcoming months. I personally prefer Race Red over Tart Green Apple, just because it’s a bit more opaque than Tart Green Apple is, so it’s easier to work with. But overall, these polishes ain’t bad!

The OPI Nail Lacquers are available for €4,99 at Big Bazaar and for €14,95 at Douglas.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which colours you love wearing on your nails during autumn and winter!

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5 thoughts on “OPI Race Red & Tart Green Apple

  1. De beide finishes vind ik prachtig, geen streepjes en een mooie glans + dekking! De rode lak vind ik erg erg mooi, de groene is niet helemaal mijn ding.
    XOXO esmee


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