Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Serendipity

Essence The Gel Nail Polish

It has been about a year (or maybe even longer) since Essence launched their “The Gel” nail polish range. I have been excited since day one, but I have never actually tried one of the polishes. A while ago I finally bought one in a very pretty and unique colour called Serendipity. Today it’s time for me to review it. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not it’s as good as I expected it to be or not, keep on reading!

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Serendipity

The nail polish comes in the same packaging as the not gel polishes from Essence came in. I don’t necessarily love the packaging, but I don’t hate it either. I do really like that the packaging is the same colour as the polish, even the lid. This makes it so much easier to find the colour you’re looking for! My favourite thing about the packaging is the brush. I really, really like the brush. The brush is a little thicker than the usual brush which makes application super quick and easy.

Serendipity is a very pretty colour. I was looking for a colour like it for quite a while already, which made me extra excited to try this one. It’s a grey colour with a purple undertone to it. It’s special but at the same time it’s simple. I really like it and I feel like it’s the perfect polish for every occasion and for every outfit.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Serendipity Swatch

Quality wise this polish impressed me. Even though I had pretty high expectations, I did keep in mind that it’s just an Essence nail polish. But honestly, coverage wise it’s better than some of the more expensive polishes I’ve tried. This polish is super opaque and has a really nice finish to it. Because lots of polishes nowadays have this gel finish it might not be super special any more, but it is really pretty.

When it comes to the drying time I’m impressed. A while ago I struggled a lot with polishes that just didn’t dry and I always ended up with ugly marks from my hair and bedsheets on my nails, but not this time. This polish dried super quickly. After about half an hour to and hour you can do pretty much anything already.

Essence The Gel Nail Polish Packaging

After reading all of this it seems like this nail polish is the most amazing nail polish ever, but sadly it isn’t. There is one thing we haven’t discussed yet, and that’s not going to be pretty. The staying power. The staying power is absolutely worthless. After one day of wearing this polish the polish from one nail was gone. It doesn’t chip, no no, the entire layer of nail polish just falls of your nail. After two days that had already happened to 4 nails which really, really disappointed me.

So over all, yes it’s a nice polish it has it’s good features, but it’s not a polish I’ll be wearing a lot. I am so disappointed in this polish. It could have been the best, but it ended up being the worst. I mean, one day, that’s just not acceptable. Nope, I sadly can’t recommend this!

The Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Serendipity is available at the drugstore for ā‚¬1,69.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have any experience with the Essence The Gel polishes!

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