Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Front

A while ago I ordered my first ever Stila palette, the Stila Eyes Are The Window Soul palette. I read a review about it and I just fell in love with it. Because I loved it so much I recently decided to buy another one of the Eyes Are The Window palettes, this time in Spirit. I was super excited to try it out and see if it’s just as amazing as the Soul version I already got or not so that’s exactly what I did. Today it’s time for the review. If you’re interested in finding out whether it is just as amazing as the Soul version or not, keep on reading!

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit

First things first, the packaging. I think the most amazing part about these Stila palettes is just the packaging. I mean look at it. The other one I got is gold and this one is rose gold! I absolutely love rose gold and I love the look of it on this packaging. I think the packaging looks absolutely stunning, luxurious and gorgeous and I think this is definitely and eye catcher in my collection. I can’t imagine not loving this!

There are two main reasons why I wanted another one of the Stila palettes. The first reason being that the shadows are just amazingly pigmented and have an amazing texture. The second reason being Kitten. I can’t rave enough about Stila Kitten. It’s just a to die for colour. Stila Kitten was in the other version I got and it’s in this one as well. I was so excited about that that I couldn’t not buy it.

Spirit Eyes Are The Window Spirit Colours

When you open up the palette you’ll find these twelve gorgeous eyeshadows and a really big mirror. I think that, compared to Soul, Spirit is a bit more of a diverse palette. Soul is absolutely gorgeous but consists of mainly warm toned brown eyeshadows, while Spirit has browns, purples and blues in it. It depends on what you prefer which one is the best fit for you, but for me they’re both equally as perfect.

Let’s start discussing the colours one by one, starting with the first row (from the top left corner towards the bottom left corner). This row consists of a few lighter, eyelid proof shades, which are my favourites. The first colour is Kitten. Even though I absolutely love Kitten I’m not going to spend to much time on it because I’ve talked about it a lot already and it speaks for itself, but I love it. Underneath Kitten is Oasis. Oasis is a very pretty settle gold colour. IT’s not a full on super bright and yellowy gold, but a settle and classic gold. I absolutely love that one too!

Underneath that is Wheat. I would describe Wheat as a more settle version of Kitten with a bit more brown to it. It’s really pretty. The last colour from this row is called Chinois. Chinois is a very simple and basic off-white highlighting colour which every palette needs to have.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Colours Close Up

Onto the second row. The first colour from the second row is called Puppy. Puppy is basically the perfect matte medium brown transition colour which I use every single day. Underneath Puppy is a very special rusty colour called Jezebel. It’s not a colour I gravitate towards a lot, but I do think it’s pretty. Next up is Golightly which is a very pretty basic brown shade that goes with all lid shades that come in this palette. And lastly we have Slate, which is a very unique greyish blue colour. It’s again not a colour I’d use a lot, but I do think it’s really pretty.

The last row starts off with a very pretty satin burgundy colour which goes by the name Pigalle. During the autumn and winter months that’s definitely a colour I will be using a lot! Underneath Pigalle is my favourite brown colour in the whole wide world, Barefoot. I think it’s absolutely stunning. Then we have a dark grey/black/brown shade called Espresso. This one is perfect for darkening up your look. And lastly we have Pewter, which is a very pretty shimmery blue.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Swatches

Pigmentation wise this palette is out of this world amazing. I had very high expectations of it -mainly because the other palette I own is absolutely amazing- and it even topped those. I mean look at the colours. Every single colour in this palette is just absolutely amazing, from the lightest colour to the darkest one and from shimmery to matte, they’re all incredible.

The texture of the shadows is even better. These shadows have such an amazing smooth and satin finish. They are not powdery at all and they don’t cause any fall out. They are super easy to work with, they blend nicely and over all, they’re just amazing.

Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Inside

The Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette just blew my mind. I expected a lot and it ended up being even better than what I expected. I feel like these Stila palettes are just the best ones out there. You can’t go wrong with them really. I highly, highly recommend them to everyone. Whether you’re just starting off with makeup or you’re already pretty skilled, this palette is everything you need in life!

The Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Palette is available at and for €41,10/€39,39.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know which palette is your holy grail!

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7 thoughts on “Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit

  1. Soms is het lastig om je gedachtes in woorden te omschrijven, dat is bij mij nu het geval. Wat een geweldig palette, prachtige kleuren en verpakking!
    XOXO esmee


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